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New Products

Heather Mead

Issue #104, December 2002

miniHiPerCam, Black Lab v2.1, white dwarf linux v1.2 and more.

New Products


American ELTEC unveiled an embedded Linux camera no larger than an ordinary surveillance camera. Available in both color and monochrome versions, the miniHiPerCam is based on an embedded version of ELINOS. The CMOS image sensor operates at a 640 × 480 pixel resolution and a frame rate of 15 or 30Hz. The built-in controller board uses a PowerPC 823 processor running at 50MHz. 16MB of memory is available for images and runtime data, and the OS with an embedded HTTP server and the application software are stored in 8MB of Flash memory. The camera has two RS-232 ports and one 10Mb Ethernet port.

Contact American ELTEC, 2810 West Charleston Avenue, Suite 57, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102, 702-878-4085, americaneltec.com.

Black Lab v2.1

Black Lab v2.1 is a cluster build and management suite for HPC clusters running Yellow Dog Linux. It offers single-click installation and configuration, automated updates through apt-get, a graphical user interface, control of multiple clusters and command-line control of all services. The new version incorporates BProc 3.0, which automatically migrates applications and shared libraries from the server to selected nodes. This setup allows each node to operate with a minimal installation on its local drive. Administrators can customize nodes with only the necessary software installed by designing their own server-side node images.

Contact Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., 117 West Second Street, Loveland, Colorado 80537, 970-278-9243, presales@terrasoftsolutions.com, www.terrasoftsolutions.com.

white dwarf linux v1.2

EMJ Embedded Systems announced the latest release of white dwarf linux, an embedded OS designed for 10MB of Flash memory and 16MB of DRAM. white dwarf linux supports any motherboard or single-board computer with IDE support and at least 8MB of RAM. It also supports CD and network installs. Version 1.2 includes kernel version 2.4.19, a graphical package-based installer, and GCC development tools for glibc 2.2.5. white dwarf linux works with the DIMM-PC 486 and 520, MOPS686+, CoolMONSTER and Tri-M MZ104 boards.

Contact EMJ America, 220 Chatham Business Drive, Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312, 800-548-2319 (toll-free), emjembedded.com.

EnCore M3

Ampro Computers has a new MIPS-based module for embedded systems. The EnCore M3 combines AMD's 400MHz MIPS32 Alchemy Au1500 chip with standard EnCore features to provide a complete standards-based CPU subsystem on a small form-factor module. The EnCore M3 is rated at 480 Dhrystone MIPS with a typical power consumption of less than 2.5 watts. The module features a 32-bit, 66MHz PCI Bus Interface. EnCore M3 is 100 × 145mm in size, and it includes two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet controllers and an AC97 audio interface. It supports up to 256MB SODIMM SDRAM and provides 2MB of Flash, two serial ports, two USB ports, a floppy disk controller, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, IrDA port and an ECP/EPP bidirectional parallel port.

Contact Ampro Computers, Inc., 5215 Hellyer Avenue #110, San Jose, California 95138, 800-966-5200 (toll-free), www.ampro.com.

Lindows 2.0

Lindows 2.0 is the latest OS distribution release from Lindows.com. Updates and new features for version 2.0 include a new GUI design, easily configurable support for more than 800 printers and the ability to use SMB print servers. Lindows 2.0 uses Netscape 7.0 as its e-mail client and web browser, featuring tabbed browsing and a pop-up blocking feature. For laptop users, Lindows 2.0 offers laptop power management and battery controls. For networking, the new release offers improved WiFi support and the ability to use Windows file servers.

Contact Lindows.com, Inc., 9333 Genesee Avenue, 3rd Floor, San Diego, California 92121, 858-587-6700, www.lindows.com.

NAG C Library Mark 7

Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), an international association of computer scientists involved with math, statistics and 3-D visualization software, released a new version of its C library of over 850 mathematical functions. The NAG C Library includes functions for modeling and simulation, time series analysis and statistical routines for a broad range of software. The functions can be accessed and used from Linux and other platforms, and from a variety of languages, including Java and C++.

Contact Numerical Algorithms Group, LTD, Wilkinson House, Jordan Hill Road, Oxford OX2 8DR, United Kingdom, www.nag.co.uk.

SuSE 8.1

SuSE has released version 8.1 of its OS distribution, featuring improved ease of installation, security and stability. YaST2 (yet another setup tool) now autodetects and integrates the newest USB 2.0 and Firewire devices; it also has an expanded text mode. The improved X configuration tool, SaX2, can configure touchscreens, vertical LCDs, 3-D options and multihead systems. Other new features include a system profile manager, single-click switching between peripherals, improved wireless LAN support for laptops, CUPS as the default printing system, SuSE Firewall 2, OpenOffice 1.0, GNOME 2.0, KDE 3.0.3 and a lot of other new software.

Contact SuSE, 318 Harrison Street, Suite 301, Oakland, California 94607, 888-875-4689 (toll-free), www.suse.com.

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