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Heather Mead

Issue #111, July 2003

Axis for Linux, Little Board 700, Mini-Box M-100 and more.

Axis for Linux

Axis Systems, Inc. announced that its Xcite, Xtreme and Xsim hardware acceleration and emulation systems now are available for Linux. Utilized by developers of complex electronic systems and system-on-a-chip designs, Xsim, Xcite and Xtreme allow designers to test and debug using a single system and database, thereby shortening the verification cycle. Xcite, Xtreme and Xsim together provide software simulation, accelerated simulation, system emulation and hardware/software co-verification for behavioral, RTL and gate-level designs with a runtime performance of up to 500k cycles per second.

Contact Axis Systems, Inc., 209 East Java Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94089, 408-588-2000, info@axissystems.com, www.axissystems.com.

Little Board 700

The Little Board 700 is a single-board computer (SBC) from Ampro Computers, Inc., designed for demanding, power-sensitive embedded applications. The Little Board 700 is an embedded SBC using the EBX form factor (5.75“ × 8”). It is available with a variety of low-voltage processors: Pentium III with 512KB Cache at 933MHz, Celeron at 650MHz or Celeron at 400MHz. It supports up to 1GB DRAM and includes thermal monitoring and power management functions. An onboard Type II CompactFlash socket supports up to 1GB of Flash memory, accessed as an IDE hard disk drive. Onboard peripherals include dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet controllers, an AGP 4× video controller with flat-panel support, AC97 sound, two USB ports, four full-modem serial ports and a PC/104-Plus bus.

Contact Ampro Computers, Inc., 5215 Hellyer Avenue #110, San Jose, California 95138, 800-966-5200, info@ampro.com, www.ampro.com.

Mini-Box M-100

Mini-Box is an x86 computing platform designed for embedded or general-purpose computing applications. Mini-Box is based on a VIA Mini-ITX motherboard and runs at 12V, making it suitable for applications where small form factor, low power consumption and reduced noise levels are necessary. Additionally, Mini-Boxes are equipped with LCD displays and a customizable 14-key keypad that replaces keyboards or mice. Weighing two pounds each, standard Mini Boxes come with 256MB of PC133 RAM, 64MB of CompactFlash and an 800MHz x86 VIA C3 processor. Options include a 533MHz fanless processor, 128MB of CompactFlash and a 40GB 2.5“ IBM drive. Mini-Box runs a small embedded Linux OS or a full standard distribution.

Contact Ituner Networks Corp., 3071 Southwycke Terrace, Fremont, California 94536, 800-978-8637, www.mini-box.com.

SuSE Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64

In support of AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8, based on UnitedLinux 1.0, now is available. Taking advantage of Opteron's capabilities to handle applications in both 32- and 64-bit environments, Server 8 is a complete server OS for Opteron processors. Server 8 comes with an optimized 2.4.19 kernel (including GCC 3.2.2) that supports high-availability work and high-performance interaction with storage systems by means of asynchronous I/O, multipathing memory access and the management of up to 600 physical hard disks. Server 8 provides scalability for up to 64 processors and up to 512GB of main memory.

Contact SuSE Inc., 318 Harrison Street, Suite 301, Oakland, California 94607, 888-875-4689, info@suse.com, www.suse.com.

HyperBlade Opteron Cluster, 1U and 2U Servers

APPRO announced the availability of its new HyperBlade Server Cluster, 1U and 2U dual servers based on AMD Opteron processors. The APPRO HyperBlade cluster solution is designed for the high-performance computational (HPC) market. The HyperBlade Server Cluster offers high-density architecture by using commodity x86 components in a single cluster. It supports up to 80 compute blades and up to 160 AMD Opteron processors. The APPRO 1U and 2U dual servers provide high-processor and memory bandwidth performance. They feature dual AMD Opteron processors, simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing capability, HyperTransport technology, PCI-X support, swappable HDDs and up to 16GB of DDR SDRAM.

Contact APPRO, 446 South Abbott Avenue, Milpitas, California 95035, 800-927-5464, www.appro.com.

Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1 for Opteron

In tandem with the release of AMD's Opteron processor, MandrakeSoft, Inc. released Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 2.1. Server 2.1 is designed for high-performance applications supporting web servers, database deployment (MySQL-64) and application and file servers. It allows users to migrate to 64-bit technology by supporting legacy 32-bit applications as well as 64-bit ones. Based on the 2.4 kernel, Server 2.1 offers support for DHCP, Apache, Postfix and Squid proxy server; POP3, IMAP and web-mail services; and several journalized filesystems.

Contact MandrakeSoft, Inc., 2400 North Lincoln Avenue, Altadena, California 91001, 626-296-6290, www.mandrakesoft.com.

Aspen Systems Opteron Beowulf Clusters

In collaboration with AMD, Aspen Systems, Inc. announced an array of customized, Opteron-based Beowulf clusters and high-end server solutions. These clusters and servers feature 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount platform products with high-speed Myrinet interconnects; Aspen Beowulf Cluster Management software; AMD 64-bit technology for legacy 32-bit and new 64-bit applications; HyperTransport technology for increased communication speed between circuits; and an integrated 128-bit wide DDR DRAM controller, capable of supporting up to eight registered DDR DIMMs per processor.

Contact Aspen Systems, Inc., 3900 Youngfield Street, Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033, 800-992-9242, www.aspsys.com.

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