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Linux Journal Issue #114/October 2003


Bootable Restoration CDs with Mondo  by Craig Swanson and Matt Lung
Do you have a bare-metal recovery plan? Burn a customized, hands-off restore CD for every system on your network.
Using the Amd Automounter  by Erez Zadok
Bring your most complicated NFS challenges under control with a versatile utility.
Securing Your Network against Kazaa  by Chris Lowth
Are you wasting your company's bandwidth just to risk getting on the wrong side of the law? Put a stop to it with a Linux firewall.


Building a Linux IPv6 DNS Server  by David Gordon and Ibrahim Haddad
You've got IPv6 compiled and working—now match some convenient names with those inconvenient 128-bit addresses.
Getting Started with Vi  by William Ward
William presents the fundamentals of the vi editor.
Antique Film Effects with The GIMP  by Eric Jeschke
Send your photo subjects back in time with these techniques that re-create the look of old prints.
Distributed Hash Tables, Part I  by Brandon Wiley
Learn the fundamental technique behind the next generation of privacy-conscious peer-to-peer systems.
Xilinx FPGA Design Tools for Linux  by Michael Baxter
Walk through a hardware design cycle with new tools that are bringing electronic design automation to our favorite platform.


RSTA-MEP and the Linux Crewstation  by George Koharchik, Quintelle Griggs, Sonja Gross, Kathy Jones, John Mellby and Joe Osborne
Linux is bringing sensor data and user interface together for an innovative new military vehicle.
Driving Me Nuts Revisiting Old APIs  by Greg Kroah-Hartman


Kernel Korner   Using RCU in the Linux 2.5 Kernel  by Paul E. McKenney
At the Forge   Bricolage Alerts  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Mirror, Mirror, of It All  by Marcel Gagné


EOF   The Importance of Linux in Iraq  by Ashraf T. Hasson


NEC Fault-Tolerant Linux Server  by Dan Wilder
Creating Applications with Mozilla  by Paul Barry


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