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Linux Journal Issue #121/May 2004


Transactions and Rollback with RPM  by James Olin Oden
Learn to back out problem upgrades, and you'll be saving your “swear jar” money for cold beverages.
HEC Montréal: Deployment of a Large-Scale Mail Installation  by Ludovic Marcotte
If you thought you had mail problems, try 600,000 spams a day.
SPF, MTAs and SRS  by Meng Weng Wong
Spam “from” you? Gone. Spam forged from other SPF-using domains? Gone. Do we have your attention yet?
Policy Routing for Fun and Profit  by David Mandelstam and Nenad Corbic
A bargain Net connection gets expensive over its traffic limit. Routing mastery will keep bills in check and Net performance snappy.


The Linux-Based Recording Studio  by Aaron Trumm
Fill in the parts between the mic and the Linux box, and make records the way you want.
Using SQL-Ledger for Your Business  by David A. Bandel
If the proprietary accounting system is the last obstacle to your all-Linux office, you just bought the right magazine.
Automating Tasks with Aap  by Bram Moolenaar
Do what make can, and more, with the next-generation software build tool.
How to Build LSB Applications  by Stuart R. Anderson
Use these simple tools to make your app binary-compatible with the leading distributions.


Shielded CPUs: Real-Time Performance in Standard Linux  by Steve Brosky
Add another tool to the real-time toolbox—simply dedicate one processor to your most critical task.


At the Forge   Blosxom  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Using DMA  by James Bottomley
Cooking with Linux   Eye Candy for Admins?  by Marcel Gagné


EOF   Open Legal Research  by Pamela Jones


Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk  by Marty Leisner


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