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Linux Journal Issue #125/September 2004


Listening to FM Radio in Software, Step by Step  by Eric Blossom
Software radio is a really big important technology. Don't take our word for it—try this simple project.
Chat on the Air with LinPsk  by Volker Schroer
Got your ham license? Let your Linux box join the fun too, with the latest digital radio mode.


Driving the Mars Rovers  by Frank Hartman and Scott Maxwell
Rovers don't run Linux yet, but back on Earth, Linux is the platform of choice for planning their routes and collecting data.
The GPS Toolkit  by Brian W. Tolman and Ben Harris
Where on Earth are you? Do you need to know with better precision than an off-the-shelf GPS unit? Here's the software that can help you.
Ximba Radio: Developing a GTK+/Glade GUI to XM Satellite Radio  by Michael J. Hammel
Make the most of your satellite radio subscription with a friendly GUI for picking stations and more.
Ten Commands Every Linux Developer Should Know  by John Fusco
Making quality software requires simplifying and automating common tasks to save your time for the hard parts.
LDAP Account Manager  by John H. Terpstra
Use one tool to create and modify accounts for your Linux and Microsoft Windows users.


Space-Time Process—Linux Style  by Ian McLoughlin and Tom Scott
Practical advice on how Linux fits into a wireless R&D operation, from a “boat anchor” cluster for numerical simulations to the latest generation of embedded ARM processors.


At the Forge   WordPress  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Extending Battery Life with Laptop Mode  by Bart Samwel
Cooking with Linux   The Wireless Kitchen  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Rehabilitating Clear-Text Network Applications with Stunnel  by Mick Bauer


EOF  by Rich Bodo
Faster Training for Smarter Customers


AML's M7100 Wireless Linux Terminal  by Tony Steidler-Dennison
America's Army for Linux  by Gary Glasscock


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