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TextMaker for Zaurus

TextMaker, a word processor available from German company SoftMaker, now is available for the Zaurus platform. TextMaker for Zaurus enables direct document exchanges with other TextMaker platforms without conversion and without lost formatting. Document exchanges also are possible with various versions of Microsoft Word and other file formats, including HTML, RTF, ASCII and Unicode. Other features include a multilanguage spell-checker and hyphenation program, fully customizable keyboard mapping and control strips, an integrated dBase-compatible database and an integrated file manager. TextMaker for Zaurus can run on any Zaurus mode, supports high-resolution screens and landscape mode and can be installed to internal memory or to a memory cards.

SoftMaker Software GmbH, Kronacher Str. 7, D-90427 Nuernberg, Germany, info@softmaker.de, www.softmaker.co.

Appro 1U and 4U Quad Opteron Servers

Appro announced two new servers, the 1U-1142H and the 4U-4148H, built around quad Opteron processors. The 1U-1142H Quad Opteron Server features up to four Opteron processors with simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing capability supporting up to 32GB of ECC 333/400 DDR memory, two IDE, SCSI or SATA HDDs, slim FDD and CD drives or DVD-ROM drive and a full PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz riser slot. The 4U-4148H additionally features eight SATA or SCSI HDDs, up to five PCI-X slots and a 3.25" FDD and 5.25" drive bay for CD/DVD-ROM or tape device. Both servers come with remote server management capabilities and high-speed interconnect options.

Appro Inc., 446 South Abbott Avenue, Milpitas, California 95035, 800-927-5464, www.appro.com.

PeerFS Data Replication

Radiant Data Corporation released PeerFS, peer-to-peer continuous file replication technology for Linux-based enterprise applications. PeerFS is a POSIX-compatible filesystem that enables data to stay consistent and current across multiple sources and multiple targets. The data always is visible and usable by local applications on any node. PeerFS also enables simultaneous transactions on multiple servers in multiple locations with separate but identical data stores, for applications such as MySQL and other Web services components. Full 256-bit AES encryption is configurable for each endpoint, and PeerFS provides seamless failover among endpoints in the event of storage failures. PeerFS can interface with any application or database and is hardware agnostic.

Radiant Data Corporation, 6273 Monarch Park Place, Niwot, Colorado 80503, 866-652-0870, www.radiantdata.com.

Adonis DNS/DHCP Appliance

The Adonis DNS/DHCP Appliance from BlueCat Networks plugs directly in to corporate networks to integrate DNS and DHCP services for the centralized administration of corporate-wide IP addresses, configurations and hostnames. New features in the latest Adonis appliance include crossover high availability (XHA) architecture to ensure failover for DNS and DHCP services; a lease viewer for managing, in tabular or graphical format, details of IP lease distributions; a data checker for resolving errors before deploying DNS and DHCP configurations; and simplified editing that allows for up to 100 levels of undo/redo with cut/copy/paste functionality.

BlueCat Networks, Inc., 9050 Yonge Street, Suite 401, Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4C 9S6, 866-895-6931, bluecatnetworks.com.

BiTMICRO Networks E-Disks

BiTMICRO Networks has introduced a new line of solid state disk-based iSCSI target appliances called E-Disks. E-Disks are available in Fibre Channel, Ultra320 SCSI, PATA and SATA versions. All versions can be used in enterprise installations, Internet communications and traditional industrial applications. The E-Disks are designed to offer a consolidated, interoperable and manageable Flash-based network storage solution that scales over long distances, provides easy connectivity to SANs, allows shared access for multiple users and handles existing user applications with ease.

BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., 45550 Northport Loop East, Fremont, California 94538, 510-743-3475, www.bitmicro.com.

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