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Linux Journal Issue #129/January 2005


Staying Current with Your Distribution's Security Updates  by Jeremy Turner
Many attacks go after software for which a fix is already available. Get the new version working fast.
Point-and-Click E-Mail Crypto  by Roy Hoobler
These tools make encrypted mail almost as easy as the easily snoopable kind.
Networking in NSA Security-Enhanced Linux  by James Morris
SELinux is already in some cutting-edge distributions, so it's time to learn it.
Encrypt Your Root Filesystem  by Mike Petullo
Get high-grade security for all your data even when you can't lock up the hardware.


How I Feed My Cats with Linux  by Chris McAvoy
Why stay home to feed the cats when you have the Internet, a Linux box and some handy hardware?
Application Defined Processors  by Dan Poznanovic
Here's how a general-purpose Linux system gets a speed boost from reconfigurable logic.
Finding Stubborn Bugs with Meaningful Debug Info  by John Goerzen
When a user reports a bug you can't duplicate, make the program help diagnose itself.
Using Webmin—By the Book  by Frank Conley
This Web-based tool lets you manage your system and keep a log of other sysadmins' actions.
Counting with uniq  by Brian K. Tanaka
Tame your server logs and other big data files with these command-line tools.


A Memory-Efficient Doubly Linked List  by Prokash Sinha
Use this twist on a standard data structure to trade a little time to save what could be a lot of space.


At the Forge   Bloglines Web Services  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   The Linux Test Project  by Nigel Hinds
Cooking with Linux   Forgotten Security  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Linux Security  by Mick Bauer


Linux for Suits   Grass Roots vs. Giant Roars  by Doc Searls
EOF   441 Reasons to Go Linux  by Brooke Partridge


Network Security Hacks  by Alex Weeks
HP Compaq nx5000  by Don Marti
Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law  by Don Marti


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