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Linux Journal Issue #130/February 2005


A Temporary Internet Lounge  by Colin McGregor
The Knoppix live CD became the basis of a quick and easy Internet room for a high-traffic, low-budget event.
Diskless Linux X Terminals  by Chip Coldwell
Ready for the ultimate in managed desktops without all-new hardware? Make diskless PCs work the thin client way.
Get on the D-BUS  by Robert Love
New desktop apps need to be aware of each other, changes in files and even when the phone rings.
OpenOffice.org in the Limelight  by Cezary M. Kruk
Here's how one magazine deals with deadlines, compatibility and work flow using the popular free office suite.
KDE Kiosk Mode  by Caleb Tennis
Some desktop options are good for users to customize. Others, well, here's a plan that will make support calls go a little more smoothly.


Centralized Authentication with Kerberos 5, Part I  by Alf Wachsmann
The road to single sign-on begins with a robust authentication server. This series gives you a recipe for rolling out the well-tested Kerberos suite.
Filesystem Indexing with libferris  by Ben Martin
Throw out that legacy vendor road map—full-text indexes of all file formats can be a reality today.
Gentoo for All the Unusual Reasons  by Andrew Cowie
This distribution's simple packaging and build system gives it an edge when running a mix of packaged and locally customized software.
The Compiler as Attack Vector  by David Maynor
How can an attacker build a compromised executable from pristine source code? Very carefully. Here's proof the threat is real.


Developing for the Atmel AVR Microcontroller on Linux  by Pat Deegan
Make your microcontroller projects go smoothly with familiar, powerful GNU tools.


Kernel Korner   Why and How to Use Netlink Socket  by Kevin Kaichuan He
Cooking with Linux   Eye-Popping Panels  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Linux VPN Technologies  by Mick Bauer


EOF  by Don Marti
Behind the Scenes at NASA's New Linux Site


Dive Into Python  by Mike Orr


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