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Linux Journal Issue #131/March 2005


Legacy Database Replacement with LAMP  by Richard Hulse
Chalk up another victory for Do-It-Yourself IT, as one in-house project replaced three incompatible proprietary applications.
Managing Projects with WebCollab  by Mike Cohen
Keep your project status info and the key files in one place with this easy-to-use tool.
A Database-Driven Web Application in 18 Lines of Code  by Paul Barry
Want to see all the code for a soccer team tracking application? Want to see it again?


Introducing Ardour  by Dave Phillips
A Linux Journal first, this article features a new song recorded just for this issue. Get started with hard-disk recording and have a listen.
Centralized Authorization Using a Directory Service, Part II  by Alf Wachsmann
Single sign-on is one step closer as we replace /etc/passwd entries with a centralized directory of users and groups.
Event-Driven Programming with Twisted and Python  by Ken Kinder
Develop scalable software quickly with this project that gets a handle on a high-performance programming technique.
GNU Motion: Your Eye in the Sky for Computer Room Surveillance  by Phil Hollenback
Make your security Webcam show you all the crimes, none of the empty rooms.
The Perl Debugger  by Daniel Allen
print("hello? Is this thing on?\n ");—or is there a better way?
The Oddmuse Wiki Engine  by Brian Tanaka
Get your company or project information organized with a system that lets everyone contribute fixes.
LaTeX Equations and Graphics in PHP  by Titus Barik
Put the math you want on your Web site, right inside the pages you're already building.


Optimization in GCC  by M. Tim Jones
Want to shrink your program's memory requirements, run time or both?


At the Forge   Bloglines Web Services, Continued  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Analysis of the HTB Queuing Discipline  by Yaron Benita
Paranoid Penguin   Book Review: Islands in the Clickstream  by Mick Bauer


Linux for Suits   Migration Stories  by Doc Searls
EOF   Data Center Linux at OSDL  by Ibrahim Haddad


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