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Linux Journal Issue #133/May 2005


InfiniBand and Linux  by Roland Dreier
If 120Gb/s isen't fast enough for you, try receiving data without the CPU doing a thing.
Belly Dance and Free Software  by Dawn Devine and Michael Baxter
Publicize your next event with a good-looking flyer or poster. Scribus works great, even if you can't dance.
Fd.o: Building the Desktop in the Right Places  by Marco Fioretti
The designers of the X Window System must have done something right. Here's how X, the OS and the desktop are growing together to meet user needs.


VIA PadLock—Wicked Fast Encryption  by Michal Ludvig
Add hardware support for a common task and measure the performance improvements.
Writing a GCC Front End  by Tom Tromey
Wow, it's practically a whole new compiler. Put the power of GCC to work behind your new language.
Linux in the Classroom: an Experience with Linux and Open-Source Software in an Educational Environment  by Joe Ruffolo and Ron Terry
Ten Mysteries of about:config  by Nigel McFarlane
If you're catching Firefox fever, but the browser isn't quite right, you might just find the tweak you need in this “secret” configuration tool.
Building a Bioinformatics Supercomputing Cluster: Applications of Parallel Computing  by Josh Stroschein, Doug Jennewein and Joe Reynoldson
It's easier than ever to turn commodity hardware into a high-performance computing project. Here, Linux enables searching a lot of DNA sequences fast.


Things You Never Should Do in the Kernel  by Greg Kroah-Hartman
Don't read files from a kernel module. Well, if you must, read on.


At the Forge   Sunbird and iCalendar  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Kprobes—a Kernel Debugger  by R. Krishnakumar
Cooking with Linux   Crossing Platforms  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Securing Your WLAN with WPA and FreeRADIUS, Part II  by Mick Bauer


Linux for Suits   L'Inspired  by Doc Searls
EOF   If You Don't Believe in DRM, It Can't Hurt You  by Don Marti


Cyclades AlterPath Manager E200  by Matthew Hoskins
The Official Blender 2.3 Guide  by Jeffrey Bianchine


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