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Linux Journal Issue #135/July 2005


OpenLDAP Everywhere Revisited  by Craig Swanson and Matt Lung
A new version of Samba makes this company-wide directory solution even more capable than before.
WIX: a Distributed Internet Exchange  by Richard Hulse
Neighbor-to-neighbor fiber and wireless are enabling new business plans, entertainment and more.
Easy Database Development Using Rekall  by Joshua Bentham
Why design a GUI business app in one vendor's locked-in solution when you can give your customers the flexibility to deploy anywhere?


Measuring and Improving Application Performance with PerfSuite  by Rick Kufrin
Throw more hardware at it or make it run faster? Here's the elegant, low-budget way to high performance.
Developing GNOME Applications with Java  by Mike Petullo
With modern tools, Java apps don't have to be second-class citizens. Integrate them with the rest of the desktop.
Text Manipulation with sed  by Larry Richardson
Use this file-tweaking power tool to clean up big files in a flash.
Designing and Implementing a Domain-Specific Language  by Ryan Paul
Designing the right language can make it easy to express the configuration you need.
Using an iPod in Linux  by Bert Hayes
Get your music collection moved over to Linux without losing your portable player.


Real-Time Control of a Magnetic Bearings Using RTLinux  by Harland Alpaugh
Real-time code on an ordinary PC suspends this spinning shaft in mid-air.


At the Forge   Databases and Calendars  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Linux as an Ethernet Bridge  by Jim Robinson
Cooking with Linux   Tricked-Out Terminals  by Marcel Gagné


EOF  by Ren Bucholz
User-Modifiable Politics


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