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Vexira, Coraid and more.

Orion Multisystems DS-96

Orion Multisystems announced the availability of the DS-96, a 96-node deskside cluster workstation. Stackable up to four systems, the DS-96 boots 96 individual nodes as one system using a single on/off switch. It does not have special cooling requirements, and the maximum power draw is 1,500 watts from a standard power outlet. The entire system is based on eight Orion processor array boards, with each board composed of 12 individual nodes on a private network. Each node has its own x86 processor, chipset, memory, optional disk drive and networking capability. Other features include dual 10-GigE fiber cards and a 12-port GigE switch, a DVD/CD-RW and one 2.5" hard drive on the head node, and one optional 2.5" hard disk drive per node. The DS-96's software is based on Fedora Core 2.

Orion Multisystems, 3090 Oakmead Village Drive, Santa Clara, California 95051, 800-344-1367, www.orionmulti.com.

Vexira Antivirus for Mail Server

Vexira Antivirus for Mail Server is a content security application that provides scalable protection from viruses, spam, spyware and other malicious applications. It can integrate directly with many e-mail systems, or it can act as its own SMTP relay server to shield the e-mail server itself from attack. Five different checks are performed on e-mail: file gate, file filter, field filter, virus filter and spam filter. Each user or domain owner can have specific configurations and rule sets. Vexira also offers scalable LDAP support. Vexira contains several embedded e-mail defense features, including DoS protection, blacklisting, zip-of-death protection and mail-bomb protection. Vexira supports header modification, subject modification and custom message marking, and it offers a real-time overview application of current operations.

Central Command, Inc., PO Box 468, Medina, Ohio 44258, 330-723-2062, www.centralcommand.com.

SATA EtherDrive Storage

Coraid's EtherDrive Storage appliance now is available for Serial ATA disk drives. The refined chassis design includes 15 hot-swap drive bays that accommodate standard SATA disk drives. The new shelf offers a dual-GigE interface, redundant hot-swap power modules and fans. Fully populated drive bays using 400GB disk drives yield 6TB of storage, but using 500GB drives, the new shelf provides 7.5TB of storage. SATA EtherDrive Storage appliance uses the AoE (ATA over Ethernet) protocol. Using Ethernet connections, EtherDrive Storage Blades appear to servers on the network as locally attached disks. In addition, the EtherDrive Storage appliance can be assembled into large RAID sets and storage volumes.

Coraid, Inc., 2730 Camino Capistrano, Suite 1, San Clemente, California 92672, 877-548-7200, www.coraid.com.

Silicon Graphics Prism Deskside System

SGI announced the newest member of the Silicon Graphics Prism product line, the Prism Deskside Visualization System. The Prism products offer visualization capabilities for tackling problems that generate massive data sets. Based on SGI's scalable, shared-memory visualization architecture and Altix high-performance servers, the Deskside Prism features dual Itanium 2 processors and up to 24GB of memory in a deskside form factor. The Deskside Prism can drive displays with up to 10 million combined pixels, as the system's dual ATI FireGL graphics processors simultaneously can serve four full bandwidth channels. With the Deskside Prism, users can transparently access and share data and resources from cross-platform clients connected across networks for efficient collaboration.

Silicon Graphics, Inc., 1500 Crittenden Lane, Mountain View, California 94043, 650-960-1980, www.sgi.com.

Mobilinux 4.0

MontaVista's Mobilinux is an optimized Linux operating system and development environment suited for wireless handsets and mobile devices, with requirements for power management, hard real-time performance, fast start-up and a small footprint. Based on the 2.6 kernel, Mobilinux features include enhanced core capabilities, footprint improvements, boot times of less than one second, advanced real-time support and support for requirements for mass-market, single-chip phone designs. Power management improvements include dynamic power management (DPM) for adjustments on-the-fly, MontaVista Power Manager and a cross-platform DPM Library. In addition, Mobilinux has ARM EABI support for compatibility with standard third-party tools, compiler support for thumb mode and an integrated graphical layer for user interfaces. Mobilinux is built on updated Eclipse 3.0.1 and CDT 2.1 technology as well as TinyX and GTK technologies.

MontaVista Software, 1237 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94085, 408-328-9200, www.mvista.com.

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