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Linux Journal Issue #138/October 2005


Fixing Web Sites with GreaseMonkey  by Nigel McFarlane
This Web site is fine, but it could really use....Redesign other people's Web sites to your liking, on the fly.
The Linux for Kids Experiment  by Paul Barry
Can a Linux dad get his family moved to a secure, easy-administration box without giving up the fun and education?
Project Utopia  by Robert Love
Traditionally, Linux has protected the hardware from the user for security. When apps need to understand the hardware, new modes of communication are arising.


Building a Call Center with LTSP and Soft Phones  by Michael George
You don't need to put a phone and a computer at every desk. Use a soft phone on an almost-thin client.
Dirt Cheap 3-D Spatial Audio  by Eric Klein, Greg S. Schmidt, Erik B. Tomlin and Dennis G. Brown
Look out! Bogey at 10 o'clock high! Your next simulator project can have realistic sound above, below and on all sides of the user.
Taming the TODO  by Sacha Chua
Is your computer helping you get work done, or making more work for you? Try these software options to get your act together.


Development of a User-Space Application for an HID Device, Using libhd  by Eoin Verling
We won't show you the money, but we'll show you the code for the device that shows you the money.


At the Forge   Ruby on Rails  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Network Programming in the Kernel  by Pradeep Padala and Ravi Parimi
Cooking with Linux   Trekking through the Desktop Jungle  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Limitations of shc, a Shell Encryption Utility  by Nalneesh Guar


Linux for Suits   The Only Silo  by Doc Searls
EOF   The Universal Internet Time Source  by Adrian von Bidder


The Book of Postfix  by Don Marti


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