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Linux Journal Issue #140/December 2005


Make Stunning Schenker Graphs with GNU Lilypond  by Kris Shaffer
Think that Linux-based graphics programs can't compete? GNU Lilypond generates beautiful graphics that make commercial alternatives seem second-rate.
DVD Mastering Using QDVDAuthor  by Dan Sawyer
Do you need a Mac to do professional DVD authoring? Not at all. It's easy with QDVDAuthor.
A Linux DVR Is No Myth—It's MythTV!  by James Turner
Although commercial Digital Video Recorders (like TiVo) charge more and restrict your options, Linux alternatives are free and rock!


Advanced MythTV Video Processing  by Matthew Gast
Once you've got MythTV set up, how do you extract video so you can watch it on other devices?
Monitoring Virtual Memory with vmstat  by Brian K. Tanaka
Need to monitor performance on your systems? vmstat helps you understand when memory is the bottleneck.
Making Linux Accessible for the Visually Impaired with Speakup  by Ameer Armaly
A great article from an amazing 16-year-old kid on a project that's changing his life.
UNIX: Old School  by Matthew Hoskins
Want to walk down “Virtual Memory” lane? SIMH allows you to emulate historical UNIX implementations, like UNIX V5 from back in 1974.
Wireless Portals with Wifidog  by Michael Lenczner
Wifidog teaches WIFI hotspots new tricks. Leave your Wi-Fi access point open, but control and monitor its use.
Vim for C Programmers  by Girish Venkatachalam
Learn to use Vim like the power tool that it is.
Mini KDE for a Lightweight Desktop  by Marco Fioretti
See how the RULE Project helps schools and charities run current KDE apps on older hardware using a customized, bare-bones KDE implementation.


A Memory Management Approach for Swapless Embedded Systems  by Mauricio Lin, Ville Medeiros, Raoni Novellino, Ilias Biris and Edjard Mota
Avoid the dreaded Out-of-Memory killer exception using these strategies for memory allocation.


At the Forge   Working with ActiveRecord  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   amaroKing the Night Away  by Marcel Gagné
Work the Shell   Get Started with Redirection  by Dave Taylor
Paranoid Penguin   Single Sign-On and the Corporate Directory, Part I  by Ti Leggett


Linux for Suits   The World Live Web  by Doc Searls
EOF   Open-Source Use Accelerates Software Development  by Palle Pedersen


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