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Linux Journal Issue #141/January 2006


Creating a Home PBX Using Asterisk and Digium  by James Turner
There's a call for mom on extension 9 now being routed to voice mail, all thanks to Linux, Asterisk and Digium.
Linux Video Production: the State of the Art  by Dan Sawyer
There is a surprising plethora of Linux tools available for manipulating images, creating and editing videos. What are they and how do they stack up?
Build a Home Terabyte Backup System Using Linux  by Duncan Napier
A terabyte backup system for 80 cents per gigabyte? Hardware has gotten cheap enough to make it worthwhile to create a terabyte backup system for your home videos, music and other data.
Creating DVDs with Kino and DVDStyler  by Philip W. Raymond
Want to turn those home movies into world-class DVDs? Here's how to edit them in Kino and use DVDStyler to create the final masterpiece.
Wireless Home Music Broadcasting—Modifying the NSLU2 to Unleash Your Music!  by John MacMichael
Don't trip over wires in your home just to listen to your MP3s. Attach a Roku Labs SoundBridge to a Network Attached Storage device to broadcast the music to your stereo.
Build a Linux-Based Skype Server for Your Home Phone System  by Andrew Sheppard
Want to extend your Skype voice-over-IP phone service to the telephones in your house? Here's how.


Circuit Design on Your Linux Box Using gEDA  by Stuart Brorson
Use Linux to create a circuit board design. Send files to a fabrication house and, voil� what you get back is a professional quality circuit board of your very own design.
gevas: the GTK+2 to evas Bridge  by Ben Martin
Enlightenment is still alive and kicking keister in graphics performance. Here's how to use the Enlightenment rendering engine with GTK2.


At the Forge   Testing with Rails  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Easy I/O with IO Channels  by Robert Love
Cooking with Linux   Is Your $HOME a Money, er, Messy Pit?  by Marcel Gagné
Work the Shell   Exploring Pipes, Test and Flow Control  by Dave Taylor
Paranoid Penguin   Single Sign-On and the Corporate Directory, Part II  by Ti Leggett


Linux for Suits   Making IT Work  by Doc Searls
Get Your Game On   Running Windows Games in Linux  by Dee-Ann LeBlanc
EOF   Bringing Usability to Open Source  by Nat Friedman


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