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Linux Journal Issue #143/March 2006


Getting Started with mod_security  by Mick Bauer
What's the mod way of securing your Apache-driven Web site?
GnuPG Hacks  by Tony Stieber
What can GnuPG do for you besides encrypt and decrypt e-mail?
Demons Seeking Dæmons—A Practical Approach to Hardening Your OpenSSH Configuration  by Phil Moses
Don't wait until you have to exorcise a dæmon seeking to possess your SSH server.
Generating Firewall Rules with Perl  by Mike Diehl
A Perl alternative to those tired of tweaking firewall rules by hand.
Getting Started with the Linux Intrusion Detection System  by Irfan Habib
Put a LID on unwanted file access the kernel way.


Single Sign-On and the Corporate Directory, Part IV  by Ti Leggett
Wrap up your single sign-on system with CUPS, SSH and firewall rules.
Tough on Grease but Easy on Web Servers  by Kevin Bedell
Ajax expert Ben Galbraith chats about Asynchronous Java and XML.
Rapid GNOME Development with Mono  by Robert Love
If you're itching to try Mono here's where to start.
Stealth E-mail to the Rescue  by Peter Ziobrzynski
A sneaky way to get to your personal e-mail server from work.
Subversion: Not Just for Code Anymore  by William Nagel
Never lose track of your constantly changing personal information again.
Developing Eclipse Plugins  by Mike McCullough
Don't let your development habits be eclipsed by missing features others haven't yet added to this extensible IDE.


At the Forge   Amazon Web Services  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   The Best Security...Barks!  by Marcel Gagné
Work the Shell   Writing a Shell Game  by Dave Taylor
Linux for Suits   The Sound of Linux  by Doc Searls
etc/rant/   Separation of Church and Choice  by Nicholas Petreley


Let Your Finger Do the Booting  by James Turner
Battle of the Ajax Mail Packages  by James Turner


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