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Linux Journal Issue #144/April 2006


Why I Don't [strike]Like[/strike] [edit: Get] Wikis  by Dave Taylor
Are wikis headed for the Internet graveyard?
Using Wikis and Blogs to Ease Administration  by Ti Leggett
You don't have to use wikis and blogs as they were intended.
Installing and Customizing MediaWiki  by Reuven M. Lerner
How to get MediaWiki to strike a happy medium.
Podcasting for the Penguin!  by Jon Watson
Why pay more to create podcasts? We make it simple.
Creating a Planet Me Blog Aggregator  by Ben Martin
Reel in those blogs in Planet Me style.
Moving to Blog-City  by Dee-Ann LeBlanc
Want to whip up a fancy blog without getting your hands dirty?
Xoops, You Can Do It Again and Again  by Juan Marcelo Rodriguez
Blog it yourself with object-oriented extensible content management.


Remote Temperature Monitoring with Linux  by Steven M. Lapinskas
How to use Linux to track global warming (or maybe just local warming).


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Extending Web Services Using Other Web Services  
Marcel Gagné's Cooking with Linux   Podcast on the Menu  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Calling All Functions, and Some Math Too!  
Mick Bauer's Paranoid Penguin   Security Features in SUSE 10.0  
Doc Searls' Linux for Suits   The Producer Electronics Revolution  
Nicholas Petreley's etc/rant   The Spirit of Open Source  

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