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Linux Journal Issue #148/August 2006


The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Linux Box  by Nicholas Petreley
How to start with the ultimate motherboard and build yourself your own Ultimate Desktop.
The Ultimate Linux Desktop  by Dee-Ann LeBlanc
The Ultimate Desktop doesn't come cheap, but you'll get what you pay for.
The Ultimate Linux Server  by Nicholas Petreley
Want a quad-processor server with performance and reliability for an amazingly reasonable price?
The Ultimate Multimedia Center(s)  by Jon “maddog” Hall and Clay Claiborne
How do you create an Ultimate Linux Multimedia Center for less than a million dollars?
The Ultimate Linux Handheld  by Doc Searls and Jim Thompson
Nothing beats the flexibility and expandability of this Linux handheld.
The Ultimate Future Linux Box  by Nicholas Petreley
The new AMD socket AM2 processor may not break speed records today, but it is likely to be the foundation for the future.


NetDVD: Building a Network-Attached Peripheral with Linux  by Bradford C. Smith
Why equip every PC with storage and DVD writers when you can create an all-purpose network attached peripheral?
Developing P2P Protocols across NAT  by Girish Venkatachalam
Punch some holes in your network in order to make P2P work behind a firewall.
Mobile Phones: the Embedded Linux Challenge  by Bill Weinberg
Linux can be the ultimate embedded operating system if you know the secrets.


At the Forge   eBay Web Services  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Searching for the Ultimate Desktop Enhancements  by Marcel Gagné
Work the Shell   End Game  by Dave Taylor
Paranoid Penguin   An Introduction to Novell AppArmor  by Mick Bauer
Beachhead   No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!  by Jon “maddog” Hall
Linux for Suits   Progress Report toward Independent Identity  by Doc Searls
/var/opinion   Postscripts on the Ultimate Linux Boxes  by Nicholas Petreley

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