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Resources for “Migrating to Drupal”

Abhijeet Chavan

Michael Jelks

Issue #151, November 2006

“Seven Criteria for Evaluation Open Source Content Management Systems” by Abhijeet Chavan: linuxjournal.com/article/8301

Drupal: drupal.org

Drupal Features: drupal.org/features

Drupal Modules: drupal.org/project/Modules

Planet Drupal: drupal.org/planet

Drupal Podcast: lullabot.com/podcast

Planetizen: www.planetizen.com

CivicSpace: civicspacelabs.org

CiviCRM: www.openngo.org

DrupalEd (Drupal for Education): drupaled.org

Drupal for Artists and Musicians: www.drupalart.org

Wikipedia: Drupal: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drupal

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