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Linux Journal Issue #161/September 2007


The Ultimate Linux Handheld  by Doc Searls and Jim Thompson
Much more than a successor to the Nokia 770.
The Ultimate Linux Laptop  by James Gray
256 levels of pressure for this Ultimate Laptop Tablet.
The Ultimate Linux Box  by Nicholas Petreley
DIY options for the Ultimate or Penultimate Linux Box.


Hacking Cell Phones via Bluetooth Tools under Linux  by Patrick Davila
Want to exchange files between PC and cell phone?
Fedora Directory Server: the Evolution of Linux Authentication  by Jeramiah Bowling
Want an alternative to OpenLDAP?
A $7,000 Server Comparison  by Peter Arremann
Go big time with your server choice.
Introduction to Stream Control Transmission Protocol  by Jan Newmarch
Blessed by the IETF.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Database Modeling with Django  
Marcel Gagné's Cooking with Linux   Still Searching for the Ultimate Linux Distro?  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Baccarat Punto Banco, Part II  
Jon "maddog" Hall's Beachhead   Education  
Doc Searl's Linux for Suits   Navigating with the Nokia N800  
Nicholas Petreley's /var/opinion   The Ultimate Linux PVR  

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