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Linux Journal Issue #164/December 2007


The State of the Market: a Laptop Buying Guide  by James Gray
LJ helps you find the right Linux laptop.
On-line Encrypted Backups for Your Laptop  by Ben Martin
FUSE your laptop.
Getting Wireless the NDISwrapper Way  by Federico Kereki
The NDISwrapper for making wireless devices work on Linux.
My Triple-Boot Laptop  by Surdas Mohit
So nice, install it thrice.


Interview with Sean Moss-Pulz  by Adam M. Dutko
A glimpse into the mind of the phone liberator: Sean Moss-Pultz on the OpenMoko Project.
Portable Hard Disk Recorder How-To  by Dan Sawyer
Build a multitrack recorder on an old laptop.
Ye Old Laptop As A Server  by Joseph Quigley
Don't throw away that old laptop just yet.
Quake, Meet GPL; GPL, Meet Quake  by Shawn Powers
What do you get when you cross Quake 3 with water balloons? A whole lot of fun!
Get Organized with Emacs Org-Mode  by Abhijeet Chavan
Is Emacs an editor or PIM?
Grubby Gems  by Daniel Bartholomew
Linux offerings from Grubby Games.
MySQL Stored Procedures: Next Big Thing or Relic of the Past?  by Guy Harrison
Do MySQL 5 Stored Procedures produce tiers of joy or sorrow?


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