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Linux Journal Issue #166/February 2008


VirtualBox: Bits and Bytes Masquerading as Machines  by Jon Watson
Reconfiguring your existing system to do something new is painful. Using VirtualBox is not.
Virtualize a Server with Minimal Downtime  by Kyle Rankin
If you are ready to take the plunge into virtualization, you are ready for this tried-and-true procedure to convert your existing physical machines into virtual clones.
Building a Multisourced Infrastructure Using OpenVPN  by Dmitriy Samovskiy
Explore distributed hosting options with OpenVPN.


Digging Up Dirt in the DNS Hierarchy, Part II  by Ron Aitchison
The techniques presented in this second article on diagnosing the DNS use simple tools to audit access to local DNS servers from the customer (and bad guy) perspective.
Linux Powers The Spiderwick Chronicles  by Robin Rowe
Read about the Linux-based production pipeline in this new movie from Paramount.
Virtualization 2.0: Where the Sidewalk Ends  by Kevin Epstein
What happens when you put hypervisors on different subnets? How about when the underlying physical machine fails? The answers may surprise you, and not in a good way.
System Minimization  by Gene Sally
Reducing the size of a Linux platform, for those new to the process, can be a mysterious task. This article takes the mystery out of making a Linux platform small.
Virtualization with KVM  by Irfan Habib
Introducing KVM, an open-source hypervisor.
The Best of Both Worlds  by Dashamir Hoxha
How to use QEMU to run Linux inside Windows.
Video Codecs and the Free World  by Seth Kenlon
Learn about codecs, how to transcode, and why free formats deserve promotion.


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Marcel Gagné's Cooking with Linux   It's a Virtual World  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Solve: a Command-Line Calculator Redux  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   A Little Spring Cleaning  
Doc Searls' EOF   Life in the Vast Lane  


Zonbu  by James Gray

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