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Linux Journal Issue #172/August 2008


The BUG: a Linux-Based Hardware Mashup  by Mike Diehl
With the BUG, you get a GPS, camera, motion detector and accelerometer all in one hand-sized unit, and it's completely programmable.
Billix: a Sysadmin's Swiss Army Knife  by Bill Childers
Build a toolbox in your pocket by installing Billix on that spare USB key.
Fun with E-Ink, X and Gumstix  by Jaya Kumar
Find out how to make standard X11 apps run on an E-Ink display using a Gumstix embedded device.
One Box. Sixteen Trillion Bytes.  by Eric Pearce
Build your own 16 Terabyte file server with hardware RAID.


Linux for the Long Haul  by Michael Surran
Checking in with the Greater Houlton Christian Academy's switch to Linux.
Zenoss and the Art of Enterprise Monitoring  by Jeramiah Bowling
Stay on top of your network with an enterprise-class monitoring tool.
How to Fake a UFO Landing  by Dan Sawyer
Use Voodoo to solve video match-moving problems.
Quantum GIS: the Open-Source Geographic Information System  by James Gray
Hooked on Google Earth? Check out Quantum GIS to satisfy your geographic cravings.
Build a MythTV Box without Breaking the Bank  by P. Surdas Mohit
A quick-and-easy guide to the world of MythTV.


Shawn Power's Current_Issue.tar.gz  Linux: the Root of All Coolness  
Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Profiling Rails Applications  
Marcel Gagné's Cooking with Linux   Cool as Ice!  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Movie Trivia and Fun with Random Numbers  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /  Wiimote Control  
Doc Searls' EOF   Mixing Up a Generative Mobile Feast  


Hot and Bothered at Starbucks  by Dan Sawyer
The Neuros OSD Connects Your TV to the Internet  by Marco Fioretti

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