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Linux Journal Issue #175/November 2008


The Roadrunner Supercomputer: a Petaflop's No Problem  by James Gray
IBM and Los Alamos National Lab teamed up to build the world's fastest supercomputer.
Massively Parallel Linux Laptops, Workstations and Clusters with CUDA  by Robert Farber
Unleash the GPU within!
Increase Performance, Reliability and Capacity with Software RAID  by Will Reese
Put those extra hard drives to work.
Overcoming the Challenges of Developing Applications for the Cell Processor  by Chris Gottbrath
Introducing techniques for troubleshooting programs written for the Cell processor.


Cory Doctorow—Linux Guru?  by Dan Sawyer
Cory Doctorow on DRM, his new novel and more.
How We Should Program GPGPUs  by Michael Wolfe
Porting to GPUs without heroic programming effort.
Use Python for Scientific Computing  by Joey Bernard
Leverage the benefits of Python for scientific computing.


Shawn Powers' Current_Issue.tar.gz   Sometimes, Fast Just Isn't Enough  
Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Book Roundup  
Marcel Gagné's Cooking with Linux   Warp-Speed Blogging  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Pushing Your Message Out to Twitter  
Mick Bauer's Paranoid Penguin   Samba Security, Part I  by Mick Bauer
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   Memories of the Way Windows Were  
Doc Searls' EOF   Lincoln and Whitman's Unfinished Business  


Tracking Your Business Finances with NolaPro  by Mike Diehl
The Popcorn Hour A-100  by Daniel Bartholomew

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