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Linux Journal Issue #191/March 2010


Taming the Beast  by Jason Allen
An introduction to large-scale system administration.
AlienVault: the Future of Security Information Management  by Jeramiah Bowling
OSSIM: giving security management a brain.
Use SSH to Cross a Suspect Host Securely  by der.hans
Don't fear the Valley of the Shadow of Death. SSH through it.
Using an SMS Server to Provide a Robust Alerting Service for Nagios  by Eric Pearce
Texting: not just for teenagers.


Running Ubuntu 9.10 under Amazon's Elastic Cloud  by Bill Childers
No servers? No problem, with servers in the cloud!


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Testing JavaScript  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Still Parsing the Twitter Stream  
Mick Bauer's Paranoid Penguin   Linux VPNs with OpenVPN, Part II  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   Linux Troubleshooting, Part I: High Load  
Dirk Elmendorf's Economy Size Geek   Installation Toolkit  
Kyle Rankin and Bill Childers' Point/Counterpoint   /opt vs. /usr/local  
Doc Searls' EOF   A Cloud of One's Own  


Axigen Mail Server  by Mitch Frazier

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