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Linux Journal Issue #209/September 2011


Multiplatform GNU Development  by Nathanael Anderson
Making a guitar synth work with Rock Band using GNU libraries and tools.
Performance Regression Monitoring with Gauger  by Bart Polot and Christian Grothoff
How to use Gauger and guidelines for what a suitable development environment for Gauger's deployment should look like.
man make: a Primer on the Make Utility  by Adrian Hannah
Ever wonder what that Makefile in your project folder does? Here's a look at the basics of Makefiles and how to manipulate them.
Qt4 Designer and Eclipse  by PJ Radcliffe
Develop GUIs quickly and easily.


GNU Awk 4.0: Teaching an Old Bird Some New Tricks  by Arnold Robbins
What's new with version 4.
WaveMaker: It's Like...RAD!  by Don Emmack
WaveMaker—it's a tsunami of change for rapid application development.
jEdit: a Text Editor and More  by Adrian Klaver
An intro to this cross-platform text editor.
Moose  by Henry Van Styn
Moose is essentially a language extension for Perl 5 that provides a modern, elegant, fully featured object system.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   CoffeeScript and jQuery  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Calculating Day of the Week, Finally  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   Remotely Wipe a Server  
Kyle Rankin and Bill Childers' Tales from the Server Room   Unboxing Day  
Doc Searls' EOF   GandhiCon 4.x  

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