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Linux Journal Issue #212/December 2011


Readers' Choice Awards 2011  by Shawn Powers
See how your favorites align with other readers.


Complexity, Uptime and the End of the World  by Michael Nugent
Take a look at how to build robust monitoring scripts in your data center and in the cloud.
MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3—Comparing Command-Line Interfaces  by Daniel Bartholomew
Interacting with databases on the command line.
Using Linux with EFI  by Roderick W. Smith
A look at the overall features and principles of EFI, and why you might want to use it.
Mercurial—Revision Control Approximated  by Joey Bernard
Mercurial provides some of the features of systems like Git and some of the features of systems like CVS or Subversion.
The OpenRISC Processor: Open Hardware and Linux  by James Tandon
Open-source hardware is now ready for prime time.
Fixing Broken Protocols with NF_QUEUE  by Paul Amaranth
Mangling packets for fun and profit.


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Kyle Rankin and Bill Childers' Tales from the Server Room   Zoning Out  by Kyle Rankin and Bill Childers
Doc Searls' EOF   Reality Fidelity Field  by Doc Searls

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