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Linux Journal Issue #216/April 2012


System Administration of the IBM Watson Supercomputer  by Aleksey Tsalolikhin
Get behind the scenes with an IBM Watson sysadmin.
OpenLDAP Everywhere Reloaded, Part I  by Stewart Walters
With current software and a modern approach to server design, the aim is to reduce the number of single points of failure for the directory.
Puppet and Nagios: a Roadmap to Advanced Configuration  by Adam Kosmin
Achieving a highly optimized and flexible approach to managing Nagios via Puppet.
Ahead of the Pack: the Pacemaker High-Availability Stack  by Florian Haas
It automatically recovers applications and services in the face of software and hardware issues, and it ensures service availability and uptime.


Using Linux with EFI, Part IV: Managing an EFI Installation  by Roderick W. Smith
Tips for making the transition from a BIOS-based computer to one built around EFI.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   APIs  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   A Word Finder for Words With Friends—Continued  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   The Sysadmin's Toolbox: sar  
Shawn Powers' The Open-Source Classroom   LTSP, Part II: Tweaking the Beast  
Doc Searls' EOF   Looking Past Search  


ASUS Transformer Prime  by Aaron Peters

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