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Linux Journal Issue #278/June 2017


BYOC: Build Your Own Cluster, Part II—Installation  by Nathan R. Vance, Michael L. Poublon and William F. Polik
Install Linux on an arbitrarily large number for computers with a push of a button.
Testing the Waters: How to Perform Internal Phishing Campaigns  by Jeramiah Bowling
Are your users the weakest link in your anti-phishing strategies? Try Gophish and find out.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Learning Data Science  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Analyzing Song Lyrics  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   Update Tickets from the Command Line  
Shawn Powers' The Open-Source Classroom   Live Stream Your Pets with Linux and YouTube!  
Doc Searls' EOF   Open Source Comes of Age  

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