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Don't Pitch Drupal—Sell Solutions to Real Business Problems  by Jeffrey A. McGuire
Consider one of the many flavors of Drupal


Drupal Is a Framework: Why Everyone Needs to Understand This  by Diana Montalion Dupuis
Demystifying the Drupal hook system.
Drupal Distributions: Working the Linux Model Up the Stack  by Forest Mars
Prepackaged distributions are being heralded as a new era in Drupal development. Learn how to make your own one-click downloadable and shareable Drupal distribution.
Making Open Atrium Yours  by Patrick Settle
Even with hundreds of thousands of Open Atrium installs, its most powerful feature is often never taken advantage of—it's an open-source project.
Achieving Continuous Integration with Drupal  by Barry Jaspan
Everyone using Drupal needs to host their site somewhere. However, most people building sites with Drupal do not also want to have to become experts in building a reliable, scalable infrastructure for hosting it.
RedHen CRM—an Open-Source CRM Solution Built Entirely with Drupal  by Sean Larkin and Lev Tsypin
Implement a native Drupal CRM solution.


Speed Up Your Drupal Development Using Installations and Distributions  by Oliver Davies
How to create your own distribution of Drupal.
Trekk—a Drupal Distribution for Universities  by Tim Loudon
Learn how Trekk addresses content sharing challenges.
Creating and Theming a Custom Content Type with Drupal 7  by Dan Englander
Building and designing custom content types is easier now that a full Content Construction Kit is built in to Drupal 7 core.
Tips for Writing Interoperable Drupal Distributions  by Nedjo Rogers
Expert tips on how to build Drupal distributions and features that integrate cleanly on any site.
Cache in Drupal 7  by Janez Urevc
Techniques for boosting your Drupal site's performance.
USENIX.org: a Case Study of a Migration to Drupal  by Jody Hamilton
USENIX.org was migrated from static HTML into a Drupal-based CMS, making use of many of Drupal's greatest strengths: e-commerce, integrations with other services, Apache Solr search integration and microsites.


Contributing to Drupal: Open for All!  by Kojo Idrissa
Contributing to Drupal is easy and rewarding.
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