by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu
ISBN: 0-596-00158-4
Fourth edition, published April 2001.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Background
Chapter 2: How Does DNS Work?
Chapter 3: Where Do I Start?
Chapter 4: Setting Up BIND
Chapter 5: DNS and Electronic Mail
Chapter 6: Configuring Hosts
Chapter 7: Maintaining BIND
Chapter 8: Growing Your Domain
Chapter 9: Parenting
Chapter 10: Advanced Features
Chapter 11: Security
Chapter 12: nslookup and dig
Chapter 13: Reading BIND Debugging Output
Chapter 14: Troubleshooting DNS and BIND
Chapter 15: Programming with the Resolver and Name Server Library Routines
Chapter 16: Miscellaneous
Appendix A: DNS Message Format and Resource Records
Appendix B: BIND Compatibility Matrix
Appendix C: Compiling and Installing BIND on Linux
Appendix D: Top-Level Domains
Appendix E: BIND Name Server and Resolver Configuration

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