by Hal Stern, Mike Eisler and Ricardo Labiaga
ISBN: 1-56592-510-6
Second edition, published June 2001.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Networking Fundamentals
Chapter 2: Introduction to Directory Services
Chapter 3: Network Information Service Operation
Chapter 4: System Management Using NIS
Chapter 5: Living with Multiple Directory Servers
Chapter 6: System Administration Using the Network File System
Chapter 7: Network File System Design and Operation
Chapter 8: Diskless Clients
Chapter 9: The Automounter
Chapter 10: PC/NFS Clients
Chapter 11: File Locking
Chapter 12: Network Security
Chapter 13: Network Diagnostic and Administrative Tools
Chapter 14: NFS Diagnostic Tools
Chapter 15: Debugging Network Problems
Chapter 16: Server-Side Performance Tuning
Chapter 17: Network Performance Analysis
Chapter 18: Client-Side Performance Tuning
Appendix A: IP Packet Routing
Appendix B: NFS Problem Diagnosis
Appendix C: Tunable Parameters

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