by Sean M. Burke
ISBN 0-596-00178-9
First Edition, published June 2002.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Web Automation
Chapter 2: Web Basics
Chapter 3: The LWP Class Model
Chapter 4: URLs
Chapter 5: Forms
Chapter 6: Simple HTML Processing with Regular Expressions
Chapter 7: HTML Processing with Tokens
Chapter 8: Tokenizing Walkthrough
Chapter 9: HTML Processing with Trees
Chapter 10: Modifying HTML with Trees
Chapter 11: Cookies, Authentication, and Advanced Requests
Chapter 12: Spiders
Appendix A: LWP Modules
Appendix B: HTTP Status Codes
Appendix C: Common MIME Types
Appendix D: Language Tags
Appendix E: Common Content Encodings
Appendix F: ASCII Table
Appendix G: User's View of Object-Oriented Modules

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