Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL

by Hugh E. Williams and David Lane
ISBN 0-596-00041-3
First Edition, published March 2002.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Database Applications and the Web
Chapter 2: PHP
Chapter 3: MySQL and SQL
Chapter 4: Querying Web Databases
Chapter 5: User-Driven Querying
Chapter 6: Writing to Web Databases
Chapter 7: Validation on the Server and Client
Chapter 8: Sessions
Chapter 9: Authentication and Security
Chapter 10: Winestore Customer Management
Chapter 11: The Winestore Shopping Cart
Chapter 12: Ordering and Shipping at the Winestore
Chapter 13: Related Topics
Appendix A: Installation Guide
Appendix B: Internet and Web Protocols
Appendix C: Modeling and Designing Relational Databases
Appendix D: Managing Sessions in the Database Tier
Appendix E: Resources

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