by Eric van der Vlist
ISBN 0-596-00252-1
First Edition, published June 2002.
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Schema Uses and Development
Chapter 2: Our First Schema
Chapter 3: Giving Some Depth to Our First Schema
Chapter 4: Using Predefined Simple Datatypes
Chapter 5: Creating Simple Datatypes
Chapter 6: Using Regular Expressions to Specify Simple Datatypes
Chapter 7: Creating Complex Datatypes
Chapter 8: Creating Building Blocks
Chapter 9: Defining Uniqueness, Keys, and Key References
Chapter 10: Controlling Namespaces
Chapter 11: Referencing Schemas and Schema Datatypes in XML Documents
Chapter 12: Creating More Building Blocks Using Object-Oriented Features
Chapter 13: Creating Extensible Schemas
Chapter 14: Documenting Schemas
Chapter 15: Elements Reference Guide
Chapter 16: Datatype Reference Guide
Appendix A: XML Schema Languages
Appendix B: Work in Progress

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