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Issue #24, April 1996

MerTech Credit Card Transaction Server, Linux Installation and Beyond and more.

MerTech Credit Card Transaction Server

MerTech Software & Consulting has announced the MerTech Credit Card Transaction Server for Unix and Linux based systems. The MerTech Credit Card Transaction Server combines with the Visa POS-port device to provide high speed, low cost, online credit card authorization and processing. Credit card transactions can be sent to the server over a local area network, using TCP/IP sockets, or in a batch file. Typical response times are comparable to those provided with an expensive leased-line service. The server can be easily interfaced with most database front-ends, and CGI scripts (for use with a Secure Web Server). Client APIs are available on most platforms.

Contact: MerTech Software & Consulting, 456 North 50 East, Orem, UT 84057. Phone: 801-368-9212. E-mail: mertech@xmission.com . URL: www.xmission.com/~mertech/.

Linux Installation and Beyond Video Available

Yggdrasil Computing has begun shipping its video seminar on installing Linux. Linux Installation and Beyond is a two and a half hour instructional video available on VHS in the NTSC format (the format used in the Americas and many industrialized Asian countries). A PAL version will be available soon.

Installing Linux for the first time can be intimidating, even for an experienced user. Seeing the installation of Linux first can save you time and help you better configure your system. If you already have Linux installed, you may find it informative to see the way someone else has configured their system or to quickly see the installation of a different Linux distribution without disrupting your existing system. Price: $24.95.

Contact: Yggdrasil Computing, 4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205, San Jose, CA 95129-1024. Phone: 1-800-261-6630. E-mail: info@yggdrasil.com . URL: www.yggdrasil.com.

THOUGHT Inc. Releases Nutmeg

THOUGHT Inc. has announced the release of Nutmeg, an extensible Collection Class library for list management in Java. This release of Nutmeg works with the Java Beta 2 API, and applications written with Nutmeg require a runtime environment such as Netscape 2.0 or the Java Developer's Kit. These two runtimes are available on various platforms, including Windows NT, Windows 95, Solaris, and Linux. The Nutmeg Library contains classes such as Bag, Dictionary, IndexedCollection, OrderedCollection, Set, and many others. Nutmeg stays true to the Smalltalk Class Structure and API while utilizing features of Java such as multi-threading and exceptions. Price: Student and Non-commercial developers, binary license only—$49.00. Commercial developers and corporations, binary only—$495.00, source and binary—$995.00.

Contact: THOUGHT Inc., 2222 Leavenworth St., Suite 304, San Francisco, CA 94133. E-mail: nutmeg@thoughtinc.com . URL: www.thoughtinc.com/~nutmeg/.

Across Lite for Linux Released

Literate Software Systems has announced the release of version 1.0 of Across Lite for Linux. Across Lite is a multi-platform program for solving crossword puzzles online. Supported platforms include Linux, MS Windows, Mac and Solaris. Across Lite is part of LitSoft's Across product line. A complimentary copy of Across Lite is available for personal use from LitSoft's web site.

Contact: Literate Software Systems, P.O. Box 40, Morris Plains, NJ 07950-0040. URL: www.litsoft.com/.

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