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Margie Richardson

Issue #34, February 1997

WebThreads 1.0.1, QUERYFLEX Report Writer, Linux Pro Desktop 1.0 and more.

WebThreads 1.0.1

WebThreads announced its WebThreads 1.0.1 web site interactivity and visitor tracking solution. WebThreads allows you to create truly interactive web sites that respond and change in real time to individual visitors based on their actions. It also provides the webmaster with a tremendous amount of information about what the visitors are doing on your site. WebThreads is a lightweight and easy to install set of CGI scripts written entirely in C that greatly enhances the flexibility, interactivity and visitor traffic reporting accuracy of standard WWW servers. It is available for Linux at a price of $895.

Contact: WebThreads, LLC, 1919 Gallows Road, Tenth Floor, Vienna, VA 22182, Phone: 888-847-3348, E-mail: info@webthreads.com, URL: http://www.webthreads.com/.

QUERYFLEX Report Writer

Infoflex announced the release of its QUERYFLEX report writer for Informix and Infoflex databases. It provides control over report formats, sort order, table join relationships, totaling and data selection. Prices start at $695 for the developer's version. QUERYFLEX is available for Linux.

Contact: Infoflex, 840 Hinckley Road, Suite 107, Burlingame, CA 94010, Phone: 415-340-0220, Fax: 415-697-7696.

Linux Pro Desktop 1.0

WorkGroup Solutions announced the shipping of Linux Pro Desktop 1.0 for an introductory price of $299. Linux Pro Desktop includes Linux Pro Plus, Common User Environment (desktop applications), Accelerated X-server (version 2.1), Motif and other development tools, and more.

Contact: WorkGroup Solutions, Inc., Department WEX017, P.O. Box 460190, Aurora CO 80046-0190, Phone: 800-234-7813, Fax: 303-699-2703, E-mail: sales@wgs.com, URL: http://www.wgs.com/.

NDP Fortran for Linux

Microway announced the release of NDP Fortran for Linux, which runs on the Digital Alpha processor and all 21164-based motherboards. NDP compilers are known for fast numeric processing. NDP Fortran-Alpha for Linux is available for $1,200.

Contact: Microway, Research Park Box 79, Kingston, MA. 02364, Phone: 508-746-7341, Fax: 508-746-4678, E-mail: nina@microway.com.

Craftworks Linux/AXP 2.2

Craftwork Solutions has released Craftworks Linux/AXP 2.2 for DEC's Alpha chip, offering a solid operating environment for desktop workstation or web server solutions. It provides optimum processing performance and highly reliable, built-in security implementations. Linux/AXP 2.2 is available for $99.95.

Contact: Craftwork Solutions, Inc., 4320 Stevens Creek Blvd. #170, San Jose, CA 95129, Phone: 408-985-1878, Fax: 408-985-1880, E-mail: info@craftwork.com, URL: http://www.craftwork.com/.

Numerics and Visualization for Java

Visual Numerics, Inc. announced new products for assisting web developers in building network-centric applications with visual and numerical requirements. The first product is a set of Visual and Numeric Classes that build upon the Internet Foundation Classes (IFC) in the Netscape ONE open network environment. The second product is a numeric API for Java, called the Java Numeric Library (JNL), to support fundamental numerical methods on basic numeric objects. Pricing is available directly from Visual Numerics.

Contact: Visual Numerics, Inc., Web Products Division, 6230 Lookout Road, Boulder, CO 80301, Phone: 800-983-3947, E-mail: web_products@boulder.vni.com, URL: http://www.vni.com/.

InfoDock Linux Software Development Toolset

InfoDock Associates, a commercial support and development house for Emacs-related software, is pleased to announce InfoDock, a freely redistributable, integrated information management, productivity and software development toolset. It is built atop XEmacs, but with an easier to use and more comprehensive menu-based user interface. Available in source and Linux ELF binary form from: ftp://xemacs.org/pub/infodock/, or on CD-ROM from Prime Time Freeware at info@ptf.com, or Yggdrasil Computing, info@yggdrasil.com.

Contact: InfoDock Associates, 4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205, San Jose, CA 95129-1034, Phone: 408-243-3300, E-mail: info@infodock.com, http://www.infodock.com/.

Wabi 2.2 for Linux

Caldera has announced the availability of Wabi 2.2 for Linux. Wabi is the port of Sunsoft's Wabi technology to enable end users to run the most popular Windows 3.1 applications on Linux-based system software. Wabi 2.2 for Linux is available for $199 US. It requires a 386 or higher Intel-based processor, 16MB RAM, VGA-quality video and 10MB disk space.

Contact: Caldera, 633 South 550 East, Provo, Utah 84606, Phone: 801-229-1675, Fax: 801-229-1579, E-mail: info@caldera.com, URL: http//www.caldera.com/.

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