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M. L. Richardson

Issue #37, May 1997

NetAcquire 3000 Server, Telaxian Shield Firewall System, Willows RT for Tornado and more.

NetAcquire 3000 Server

Real Time Integration, Inc. announced Unix drivers for the NetAcquire 3000, a network data acquisition server, that acquires, processes and updates real-time analog data at over 750,000 samples/second using a standard Ethernet network to communicate. While an off-the-shelf Linux release is not yet available, it is designed to compile under Linux. The NetAcquire 3000 model is priced at $8495.

Contact: Real Time Integration, Inc.,7914 140 Pl. NE, Redmond, WA 98052-4180, Phone: 206-883-7563, Fax: 206-883-0463, E-mail: realtimeint@realtimeint.com, URL: http://www.realtimeint.com/.

Telaxian Shield Firewall System

Network Engineering Technologies, Inc. (N.E.T.) announced Telaxian Shield, a firewall system capable of mirroring the organizational and geographical structure of an entire enterprise. The Telaxian Shield is priced from $7,995 to $11,995, depending on the specific configuration. It is available for Linux.

Contact: Network Engineering Technologies, 1714 Ringwood Ave., San Jose, California 95131, Phone: 408-453-7500, Fax: 408-437-0651, URL: http://www.fireants.com/.

Willows RT for Tornado

Wind River Systems and Willows Software, Inc. introduce Willows RT for Tornado, a new solution for bringing standard Windows software to the real-time embedded market. Products developed using Willows RT are portable across a wide range of microprocessors including Linux. It is available for $6500 for a single-seat license.

Contact: Wind River Systems, Inc., Alameda, CA 94501, Phone: 800-545-WIND, E-mail: inquiries@wrs.com, URL: http://www.wrs.com/.

Microway Alpha-based Workstations

Microway announced 500 MHz Screamer workstations with 2MB of synchronous SRAM cache. These desktop supercomputers utilize DEC's latest Alpha technology, plus Microway-engineered motherboards and positive pressure SIMM cooling for workstations containing 128MB or more of memory. Also available is Microway's ported and maintained version of Linux for the Alpha. For pricing, contact Microway.

Contact: Microway, P.O. Box 79, Kingston, MA 02364, Phone: 508-746-7341, Fax: 508-746-4678, URL: http://www.microway.com/.

SpellCaster Telecommute/BRI

SpellCaster Telecommunications, Inc. today announced the TeleCommute/BRI, a high-performance, intelligent ISDN Basic Rate (BRI) terminal adapter card for ISA bus personal computers. It is a complete high-speed data and voice communications solution. It is available for $573.

Contact: SpellCaster Telecommunications Inc., Toronto, Canada, Phone: 800-238-0547, E-mail: jdw@spellcast.com, URL: http://www.spellcast.com/.

NovaLink e.prise

NovaLink USA Corp. announced e.prise, an environment for creating and managing web sites for the Internet and Intranet. The basis of the technology is a sophisticated object-oriented content database and user-friendly design. NovaLink's e.prise is available for Linux. Pricing is dependent on number of licenses.

Contact: NovaLink USA Corp., 200 Friberg Parkway, Westborough, MA 01581, Phone: 508-898-2000, Fax: 508-836-4766, E-mail: amazing@novalink.com, URL: http://www.novalink.com/.

PanGlot Multi-lingual E-mail Editor for Linux

PanGlot Software announces the availability of its Linux multi-lingual e-mail editor. With this editor it is possible to use up to seven languages/alphabets simultaneously in a single document. Each language/alphabet has its own individualized keyboard map. Others can be loaded from disk as required. The FREE e-mail reader can be downloaded from Sunsite or our home page; the $25.00 mailer can be ordered from PanGlot Software .

Contact: PanGlot Software, 6430 North Strahan, El Paso, TX 79932, Phone: 416-297-1927, E-mail: stermole@panglot.com, URL: http://www.panglot.com/.

Reactor 4.1

Critical Mass, Inc. announced Reactor 4.1, the Distributed Application Development Environment. Reactor allows your distributed applications to seamlessly cross Linux/ELF and Win32. It will allow Linux developers to build robust applications targeted for Windows NT and Windows 95, as well as other Unix platforms.

Contact: Critical Mass, Inc., Cambridge, MA, Phone: 617-354-6277, E-mail: farshadi@cmass.com, URL: http://www.cmass.com/reactor/.

Network Technologies Video Switch

Network Technologies Inc. announced a new line of video switches which allow two computers on different platforms to share the same monitor. The SE-SPV-2 allows a PC and a Sun workstation to share a monitor and retails for $280. Each of the available switches comes with a one year warranty, and has an optional remote RMT-2-ST.

Contact: Network Technologies Inc., 1275 Danner Dr., Aurora, OH 44202, Phone: 800-742-8324, E-mail: sales@networktechinc.com, URL: http//www.networktechinc.com/.

FrontPage Server Extensions for Linux

Ready-To-Run Software announced the availability of Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions for a wide range of Unix web servers including Linux. FrontPage is a web authoring and management tool. For pricing information contact Ready-To-Run Software.

Contact: Ready-To-Run Software, 4 Pleasant St., P.O. Box 2038, Forge Village, MA 01886-5038, Phone: 508-692-9922, Fax: 508-692-9990, E-mail: info@rtr.com, URL: http://222.rtr.com/.

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