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Amy Kukuk

Issue #55, November 1998

GO-Global 1.5, from GraphOn, InterBase 5, ObjectTeam for Linux and more.

GO-Global 1.5, from GraphOn

GraphOn Corporation has added functionality and platform support for Linux to their GO-Global 1.5 UNIX connectivity solution. GO-Global 1.5 is the first thin-client PC X Server that delivers high-performance access (remotely or from a LAN) to UNIX applications from any Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95, CE and NT) or OS/2-based computer. Pricing for the product begins at $295 per seat.

Contact: GraphOn Corporation, 150 Harrison Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008, Phone: 408-370-4080, Fax: 408-370-5047, E-mail: info@graphon.com, URL: http://www.graphon.com/.

InterBase 5

InterBase Software Corporation has announced the availability of InterBase 5 for the Linux operating system (Red Hat 5.0). InterBase 5 for Linux combines the traditional strengths of InterBase: ease of installation, use and maintenance, with new SQL and server benefits that give InterBase scalability, stability, concurrency and improved productivity. Some of the new features are InterClient, Unicode support for Chinese and Korean, UDF library, SQL roles, Cascade Referential Integrity, Guardian process and improved support. InterBase 5 for Linux is free.

Contact: InterBase Software Corporation, 100 Enterprise Way, Suite B2, Scotts Valley, CA 95066, Phone: 408-431-6500, E-mail: prodinfo@interbase.com, URL: http://www.interbase.com/.

ObjectTeam for Linux

Cayenne Software has announced the release of ObjectTeam for Linux, a component modeling tool. The initial configuration, ObjectTeam for Linux—Personal Edition, is for personal use only and is available at no charge. A beta version of this configuration can be downloaded from Cayenne's web site. ObjectTeam for Linux—Personal Edition provides a customizable development environment, reverse engineering of C++ and Java components into models, an OMG UML 1.1-compliant Class Diagram editor and support for the generation of C++ and Java components.

Contact: Cayenne Software, Inc., 14 Crosby Drive, Decford, MA 01730, Phone: 781-280-0505, Fax: 781-280-6000, E-mail: info@cayennesoft.com, URL: http://www.cayennesoft.com/.

NetWare for Linux 1.0 and KDE

Caldera, Inc. has announced the release of NetWare for Linux 1.0, bringing a networking operating system to Linux users with full client support and integrated administration utilities. It is a component of the Caldera Small Business Server. Features include NetWare 4.10b-compatible file services, compatibility with NetWare clients for many operating systems, ability to forward NetWare print jobs to Linux hosted printers, Linux NetWare client, fully capable NDS server and 2.0.35 Linux kernel updates (including streams). NetWare for Linux is available for $59 US. Bump packs are available.

Caldera, Inc. has also announced that the OpenLinux 1.2.2 maintenance release will include the K Desktop Environment. KDE will be the default desktop in Caldera OpenLinux 2.0, scheduled for release this quarter. OpenLinux is available for $199 US.

Contact: Caldera, Inc., 240 West Center Street, Orem, UT 84057, Phone: 801-765-4888, Fax: 801-765-1313, E-mail: info@caldera.com, URL: http://www.caldera.com/.

264DP Screamer Dual Alpha 21264

Microway has announced the Dual Screamer 600MHz 264DP motherboard and custom workstations, delivering high performance in such areas as 3-D rendering, animation, multimedia, numeric applications and CAD/CAM/CAE. The Screamer 264DP motherboard design with 4MB on-board cache features two 500 or 600MHz Alpha processors with one ISA and eight PCI slots. Custom configurations supporting high-end video, RAID and Beowulf applications are available from $4,995 US for a single 633MHz 21264 to $35,000 US for a full scale-600MHz Dual Alpha.

Contact: Microway, Inc., P.O. Box 79, Kingston, MA 02364, Phone: 508-746-7341, Fax: 508-746-4678, E-mail: tech@microway.com, URL: http://www.microway.com/.

NetBeans Developer 2.0, Beta 3

NetBeans, Inc. has released the second beta version of its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) written entirely in Java. NetBeans Developer 2.0, Beta 3 is available for free download from the company's web site, http://www.netbeans.com/. It is a full-featured visual programming environment allowing development on any platform supporting JDK 1.1.x. Start up time for the new Java developer is minimized by the use of wizards, templates and intuitive programming tools. It is available for $149 US.

Contact: NetBeans, Inc., Pod Hajkem 1, 180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic, Phone: 420-2-8300-7322, Fax: 420-2-8300-7399, E-mail: info@netbeans.com, URL: http://www.netbeans.com/.

Metro Link Motif Complete!

Metro Link has announced Metro Link Motif Complete! that allows users to create their own custom Motif installations. One CD-ROM provides full distributions of the three most widely used versions of Motif (1.2, 2.0 and 2.1), and the graphical installation program allows users to mix and match modules from the various Motif versions. Multiple versions of the Motif runtime libraries, window manager and development environments can coexist on the same machine. The multiple development environment feature provided by Metro Link Motif Complete! allows programmers to run applications written using any version of Motif and create applications compatible with all three versions of Motif. Metro Link Motif Complete! is $149 US.

Contact: Metro Link Inc., 4711 Powerline Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, Phone 954-938-0283, Fax: 954-938-1982, E-mail: info@metrolink.com, URL: http://www.metrolink.com/.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 “Hamm”

Debian 2.0 contains over 1500 precompiled binary packages contributed by over 400 developers, including all the favorites: web servers, GIMP, gcc, egcs, XFree86, SQL servers and many other tools and utilities. It also marks the move from the older libc5 to the newer libc6. Debian's package manager, dpkg, allows for easy installation, maintenance and updating of packages including handling of dependencies and configurations.

Contact: Debian GNU/Linux, E-mail: press@debian.org, URL: http://www.debian.org/.

Journyx Webtime Version 2.0

Journyx has announced the release of Journyx WebTime version 2.0 for Red Hat Linux. New key features include: NT support, several new GUI choices, an enhanced security solution, new product pricing bundles and the ability to have Journyx WebTime install to an existing database via ODBC. The client system for WebTime 2.0 requires access to an Internet or Intranet browser. WebTime 2.0 is priced at $999 US for the server which includes named users. Additional users $29 US each.

Contact: Journyx LLC, 11507 North Lamar Blvd., Suite A, Austin, TX 78753-2660, Phone: 512-834-8888, Fax: 512-672-0071, E-mail: sales@journyx.com, URL: http://www.journyx.com/.

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