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Ellen Dahl

Issue #60, April 1999

Cyclades-PR4000, PerlDirect, ICS and more.


Cyclades Corporation announced a new member of its Power Router family, the Cyclades-PR4000, a powerful, compact and cost-effective remote access server. It allows Internet Service Providers and Enterprise Network Managers to terminate both analog and digital calls and provide network access to remote offices, telecommuters and home users. The Cyclades-PR4000 is scheduled to ship in April. Contact Cyclades for pricing.

Contact: Cyclades Corporation, 41934 Christy St., Fremont, CA 94538, Phone: 510-770-9727, Fax: 510-770-0355, URL: http://www.cyclades.com/.


PerlDirect provides reliability, stability, support and accountability for Perl through the following features: validated, quality-assured releases of Perl and its popular extensions; advice and support; Y2K test suite; and a Perl Alert weekly bulletin. PerlDirect offers an opportunity to provide direct input to a leading organization involved in open-source development. Basic annual subscription rates start at $12,000 US.

Contact: ActiveState Tool Corp., PO Box 2870 Main Station, Vancouver, BC V6B 3X4, Canada, E-mail: sales@activestate.com, URL: http://www.activestate.com/.


BASCOM announced the availability of its Internet Communications Server (ICS), an educational software/hardware solution developed for the OpenLinux OS from Caldera Systems Inc. for K-12 schools. BASCOM's use of OpenLinux provides the education vertical market with its first Linux-specific application. The ICS includes an access management engine, firewall security, proxy cache and software subscription service. ICS is available through BASCOM as a fully integrated, drop-in solution, as well as from BASCOM's OEM partner, Caldera Systems. Pricing for solutions in this line starts at $1,995 US.

Contact: BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., Phone: 888-922-2726, E-mail: info@bascom.com.

Linux Network Server Package

CTiTEK announced a new Linux network server installation. Server package includes labor (estimated 50 hours) and license costs (full version of Red Hat 5.2); hardware cost not included. Price is $3349.97 US for a 25-user Linux network server package.

Contact: CTiTEK, 14377 Woodlake Dr., Suite 311, Chesterfield, MO 63017, Phone: 800-860-9913, 314-878-9855, Fax: 314-878-9893, E-mail: sales@ctitek.com, URL: http://www.ctitek.com/.

CSM Proxy Plus for Linux Version 4.1

CSM Proxy is a full-featured proxy and caching server, especially written to handle the various demands of network administrators. It can solve Internet connection needs in one simple package. Key features and benefits include SMTP command filtering, IMAP 4 proxy, HTTP cookie filtering, connection limits, automatic Netscape proxy configuration, remote administration over the Web and much more. CSM Proxy runs with any web server and does not require a web server on the same machine. Price is $695 US; version 4.1 update is $100 US. (Users who ordered after April 1, 1998 can upgrade to CSM Proxy 4.1 for free.)

Contact: CSM-USA, Inc., 360 South Fort Lane, Bldg. 1, Suite B, Layton, UT 84041, Phone: 801-547-0914, Fax: 801-546-0716, E-mail: sales@csm-usa.com, URL: http://www.csm-usa.com/.

Empress RDBMS v8.10

Empress announced Empress RDBMS's support for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX 11. Running under HP-UX 11, the Empress RDBMS offers application developers an environment which delivers high performance, reliability and optimized features for Internet computing. Empress Hypermedia, an Internet application development toolkit, is used for the creation of the actual web applications. Empress Suite for Linux includes Empress RDBMS (bundled with a C programming interface and Empress Report Writer) with host-level accessibility for enhanced performance tuning. Visit the web site for pricing or a free 30-day evaluation.

Contact: Empress Software, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770, Phone: 301-220-1919, E-mail: info@empress.com, URL: http://www.empress.com/.


Alta Technology Corporation announced the availability of M-Cluster, a compact and fully modular Linux-based clustered computing system for use in high-performance and complex data processing/analysis applications. The M-Cluster uses rack-mountable single-board computer and peripheral modules. M-Clusters are fully integrated with the Linux operating system, which implements Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) and Message Passing Interface (MPI) technology. The Alpha, from Compaq, is currently available in M-Cluster systems with clock speeds of up to 500MHz. Pentium II processor versions will be available by the second quarter of 1999. M-Cluster systems are available with prices starting well under $20,000 US.

Contact: Alta Technology Corporation, 9500 S. 500 West #212, Sandy, UT 84070-6655, Phone: 801-562-1010, Fax: 801-254-4329, E-mail: sales@altatech.com, URL: http://www.altatech.com/.

LynxArray and LynxNSS

Artecon announced support for the Linux operating system across its LynxArray and LynxNSS product lines. LynxArray is Artecon's highly scalable, high-performance RAID product line for corporate data centers, scientific and technical applications and environments, such as telecommunications infrastructures or on-the-move operations. LynxNSS is Artecon's network-attached storage (NAS) product line that supports network file system protocols for the UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems for file sharing and storage over the network. Additionally, LynxNSS uses TCP/IP, the universally accepted Internet protocol, for network communication as does Linux. Contact Artecon for pricing.

Contact: Artecon, 6305 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009, Phone: 800-872-2783, 760-931-5500, Fax: 760-931-5527, E-mail: sales@artecon.com, URL: http://www.artecon.com/.

GO-Global, GO-Between, GO-Joe

GraphOn's products are designed around open-system and client-server concepts for the multi-vendor environment. All provide high-performance access to UNIX/X and Linux applications anywhere on an organization's Intranet, the Internet or over dial-up connections. GO-Global 1.5 is a thin-client PC X server that delivers high-performance access to UNIX applications from any Windows desktop. It supports Red Hat and Caldera Linux. Evaluation copies of GO-Global are available from GraphOn's web site. Pricing begins at $295 US per seat. GO-Between is a thin-client PC X server that provides access from Microsoft's Windows Terminal Server and other multi-user NT solutions to UNIX and X Window applications, and supports Red Hat Linux. GO-Joe, a thin-client Java X server, works on any Java-enabled device or desktop to provide plug-and-play access to UNIX/X and Linux applications, and supports Red Hat Linux. Contact GraphOn's sales department for pricing of GO-Joe and GO-Between.

Contact: GraphOn Corporation, 150 Harrison Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008, Phone: 408-370-4080, Fax: 408-370-5047, E-mail: sales@graphon.com, URL: http://www.graphon.com/.

Linux Main Memory Database Benchmark

Polyhedra has developed a benchmark demonstrating main memory database performance on Linux. Features include an active query mechanism that ensures automatic data change update from a Polyhedra server to its client; rapid application development and easier change/modification through the use of object-oriented software techniques; event-driven interfaces to both high-speed data devices and to other commercial databases and systems; systemwide SQL access. Visit the web site for information on pricing and support.

Contact: Polyhedra, Inc., 1611 - 116th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, Phone: 425-646-4907, Fax: 425-646-3020, E-mail: sales@polyhedra.com, URL: http://www.polyhedra.com/.

Magnate Internet Store

ParaSoft announced the launch of their fully scalable, e-commerce solution on Red Hat Linux. Internet Store is a fully automated, commercially affordable e-commerce system which can automatically update a retailer's actual inventory when an on-line sale is made. It provides a virtual shopping cart and quick and easy pricing, as well as secure credit card transactions. Whenever a retailer adds new items to his inventory or makes any pricing changes, Internet Store publishes the new information automatically on the store's web site. When a customer makes a purchase online, Internet Store instantly notifies the retailer of the sale. Call for pricing.

Contact: ParaSoft Corporation, 2031 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016, Phone: 888-305-0041, Fax: 626-305-3036, E-mail: info@parasoft.com, URL: http://www.parasoft.com/.

LinuxCare, Inc.

LinuxCare, Inc. provides technical support, consulting, product certification and education to the business, government and education industries. It offers a unique web-based service with an easy-to-use search interface to Linux support resources. The company was co-founded by David Sifry, a contributor to the Linux kernel and VP of the Bay Area Linux Users Group. LinuxCare is committed to the concept of open-source software.

Contact: LinuxCare, Inc., 6034 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94121, Phone: 888-546-4878, Fax: 415-831-9763, E-mail: info@linuxcare.com, URL: http://www.linuxcare.com/.

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