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Ellen Dahl

Issue #70, February 2000

PerfectBACKUP+ 6.1, Linux Driver for HIPPI 800, Linux by Libranet and more.

PerfectBACKUP+ 6.1

Merlin Softech released its first commercial product, PerfectBACKUP+ 6.1. PerfectBACKUP+ is a Linux-based utility and crash-recovery tool. Users can back up and verify their systems totally unattended. Enhancements include a new Backup Wizard for ease of use, new Search for location of backed-up files, an improved Device Testing Dialog, File Inclusion/Exclusion dialog and remote network backups.

Contact: Merlin Software Technologies, Suite 420, 6450 Roberts Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 4E1, Canada, 888-414-3311, 604-320-7277 (fax), info@merlinsoftech.com, http://www.merlinsoftech.com/.

Linux Driver for HIPPI 800

Essential Communications announced the availability of a Linux driver for its PCI-host bus adapter based on the High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI 800) standard. It extends the HIPPI 800 network advantages of very high-speed (800MB/sec) data file transfer capability and low CPU utilization to Linux platforms. HIPPI technology is ideal for organizations requiring the transfer of large amounts of information at high speeds, including video and film archiving, scientific computing, data mining, storage management and transaction processing.

Contact: Essential Communication Corporation, 4239 Balloon Park Road, Albuquerque, NM 87109, 505-344-0080, 505-344-0408 (fax), essential@ods.com, http://www.ods.com/.

Linux by Libranet

Libra Computer Systems announced the release of Linux by Libranet, based on the Debian distribution of Linux, by packaging the most commonly used applications onto an easy-to-install CD. This CD installs over 750MB of software including industry standards such as Netscape. The Libranet release brings Debian to the desktop, making it available to users with little or no Linux experience. Linux by Libranet may be used on any standard PC and will co-exist with Microsoft Windows. Standard hardware components such as sound cards are supported.

Contact: Libra Computer Systems Ltd., 1860 Langworthy Street, North Vancouver, BC V7K 1N8, Canada, http://www.libranet.com/.

Programming Development Kit

Macmillan USA announced the release of Programming Development Kit: Linux Operating System 6.5. Users can learn C, Python and Tcl/Tk programming for Linux without having to use a command line. The PDK 6.5 will give Linux programmers an easy, user-friendly way to write programs for the Linux operating system. The software includes essential features such as an IDE optimized for Pentium processors, visual development tools (debugger, build managers and a source editor) and Java, C and C++ libraries.

Contact: Macmillan Computer Publishing, 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290, 317-228-4366, orders@mcp.com, http://www.macmillansoftware.com/.

Linux Anti-Virus Solution

DOLFIN.COM now offers anti-virus software for Linux. While Linux is almost immune to virus attacks, it is often used as a file and mail server for Windows clients. DOLFIN assists in providing its clients with the optimum anti-virus solution that meets their business needs, growth targets and budget. DOLFIN's anti-virus solution allows one to scan their FTP upload area as well as e-mail attachments before potential infected files become a problem.

Contact: DOLFIN.COM Inc., 1320 Tower Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173, 847-884-7600, 847-884-7612 (fax), sales@dolfin.com, http://www.dolfin.com/.

OpenDesk.com version 1.0

OpenDesk.com is a free open-source workspace delivered over the Internet. It is 100% open source and works on any computer with a current (version 4.0 or higher) browser, giving resource-strapped small businesses, non-profit and community groups access to the collaboration tools they need to get their work done. Even organizations with members distributed across the globe can come together in this secure virtual workspace. Version 1.0 features include a multi-lingual user interface and compatibility with Macintoshes and PCs running Linux/UNIX or Windows. OpenDesk.com version 1.0 offers e-mail, calendar, contacts, voting/polling, memo editor, bookmarks and customizable themes, with more to come.

Contact: HBE Software, 1030 St-Alexandre, Suite 710, Montréal, Quebec H2Z 1P3, Canada, 514-876-7881, 514-876-9223 (fax), info@hbesoftware.com, http://www.hbesoftware.com/.

UnForm v4.0

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. announced the release of UnForm v4.0. Significant in this release of UnForm is the ability for users of UNIX applications to integrate electronic documents into their processing and provide access to those documents via web browsers, e-mail or Adobe Acrobat Readers. UnForm is a server-based solution used primarily for laser forms and electronic document generation. With UnForm, UNIX/Linux sites can enhance existing documents with images, logos and other graphical elements and eliminate the need for preprinted forms.

Contact: Synergetic Data Systems, Inc., 2195 Talon Drive, Latrobe, CA 95682, 800-446-7374, 530-672-9975 (fax), sdsi@synergetic-data.com, http://synergetic-data.com/.

Max for Linux

PlugSys International announced a new compiler, Max for Linux, a development tool for compiling and running Xbase code under the major Linux distributions for Intel processors. Max for Linux compiles and runs character-based applications. It is a CGI-like Xbase engine for NT- and Linux-based web servers and was written using today's C++ in a 32-bit code base.

Contact: PlugSys International LLC, 1636 Graff Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577, info@plugsys.com, http://www.plugsys.com/.

PizzaBox Linux Distribution

KYZO released the commercial version of its PizzaBox Linux distribution, where a prototype server was built in a Pizza Hut take-out box. The commercial version is the same basic software as the free version, but is shipped pre-installed in a bootable Flash-ROM and comes with the circuit board needed to make it boot in any 486 or above PC. The system includes file, print and CD sharing, remote access, UPS monitoring, tape backup, hardware monitoring and APM. It will automatically accept both SCSI and IDE hard drives and comes with a sophisticated, JavaScript-enabled, web management interface.

Contact: KYZO Ltd, Little Streams, The Abbotsbrook, Bourne End, Bucks. SL8 5QY, United Kingdom, +44-0-1628-526886, +44-0-1628-526030 (fax), sales@jrcs.co.uk, http://www.kyzo.com/.

Appgen Linux Java Client and PowerWindows Applications

Appgen Business Software announced the release of their Linux Java Client. All the benefits of GUI in a pure Linux environment, with Appgen's eleven general business and accounting applications, are available on a CD-ROM. Appgen's applications run natively on Linux. The applications are also the first accounting applications to be validated for IBM Netfinity servers running Linux. The PowerWindows Applications are shipped to VARs with source code.

Contact: Appgen Business Software, Inc., 1300 Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, NY 11788, 800-231-0062, 631-471-3291 (fax), info@appgen.com, http://www.appgen.com/.

IVR Server

Open Source Telecom announced their IVR Server, the first open-source interactive voice response system. The initial IVR Server solution automates Internet service provider support functions with telephony interface boards from Pika Technologies. It is a web-enabled interactive voice response platform with templates for common business functions, based on the Adjunct Communication Server (ACS) and Debian GNU/Linux.

Contact: Open Source Telecom, 1030 Maude Avenue, Suite 511, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, 650-964-4678, services@ostel.com, http://www.ostel.com/.

Photogenics for Linux

Paul Nolan Ltd. announced that the graphics/art package Photogenics will soon be available for Linux. It was first released on the Amiga five years ago. Photogenics allows one to modify existing pictures or create new images from scratch. It can be used for a multitude of purposes from simple file conversion to advanced photo manipulation and retouching. It supports many different media, including chalk, pencil, watercolors and the airbrush.

Contact: Paul Nolan Ltd., MB #407, 5663 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92111, 619-839-3803, 619-839-3803 (fax), pnolan@cix.co.uk, http://www.paulnolan.com/.

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