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Silly Articles

JPython: The Felicitous Union of Python and Java by David Ascher
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, but everyone expects Java—an overview of JPython, an elegant scripting solution for Java systems.
Computer Programming for Everybody by Guido van Rossum
And now for something completely different...Guido gives us a peek into the future of CP4E—will the Spanish Inquisition be there?
Why Python? by Eric Raymond
Cardinal Biggles had Eric in the comfy chair for over four hours before wringing this confession from him...

Even Sillier Articles

Mailman by Barry A. Warsaw
You don't have to wait until pigs fly for good list management—just call the mailman.
Python Conference Report by Andrew M. Kuchling
Some of the ongoing shifts in the Python community were apparent at the Eighth International Python Conference (IPC8), held in Washington, DC this past January.

Not A Bit Silly Article

Book Review

Python Essential Reference by Phil Hughes


From the Editor by Marjorie Richardson

Strictly On-Line

Python Programming for Beginners by Jacek Artymiak
A practical introduction to writing non-trivial applications in Python.
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