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Heather Mead

Issue #82, February 2001

X Windows System Ported for Intel IA-64, Best Linux 2000, Epitera Desktop with Kandu Genie and more.

X Windows System Ported for Intel IA-64

Metro Link Inc. announced a port of its X Window System products for use on Intel's new IA-64 Itanium processor. The commercial grade X server, Motif and OpenGL products are geared toward high-end workstations, such as those designing graphics animation, architectural renderings and scientific visualization. X Window System includes Metro-X, an enhanced X server replacement; Metro Motif Complete!, three coexisting Motif versions; Metro Media, video-in-a-window and MPEG playback; and Metro Extreme 3-D, a hardware accelerated implementation of OpenGL.

Contact: Metro Link, Inc., 5807 North Andrews Way, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309, 800-821-8315 (toll free), sales@metrolink.com http://www.metrolink.com/.

Best Linux 2000

Best Linux 2000, a distribution from SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd., is available for retail sale in a four CD-ROM box set. Geared toward the desktop user, it includes over 2,000 applications such as StarOffice, GIMP, CD writing software, games, multimedia, databases and more. A graphical installation is used for setup, and it can run multiple OSes with a graphical boot menu.

Contact: Best Linux/SOT, 6975 Washington Avenue South, Suite 210, Edina, Minnesota 55439, 952-947-0822, http://www.bestlinux.net/.

Epitera Desktop with Kandu Genie

A new desktop environment is delivered by Epitera, an Israel-based company, targeted at the PC and Internet appliance user. It features automatic downloads and updates as well as remote access customer support. An animated genie character named Kandu guides users through a three-level help system.

Contact: Epitera USA, 100 West 74th Street, Suite 4S, New York, New York 10023, 212-874-1198, jgundell@epitera.com, http://www.epitera.com/.


Oracle9i offers a consolidated infrastructure of traditionally separate business technologies in a single, relational database and application server. Abilities include processing date from various locations (web sites, call centers, etc.) on one system; increased performance and scalability because processing and transformation is done in core databse; and fast implementation, low cost and easy manageability because fewer parts are required. The Application Server is currently available, and the Databse, Warehouse builder and BI Beans are scheduled for Spring 2001.

Contact: Oracle Corporation, 500 Oracle Parkway, Redwood Shores, California 94065, 650-506-7000, http://www.oracle.com/.

qX25 for Linux and PCI-bus ARTIC Cards

Quadron Corporation announces qX25 for Linux, an X.25 protocol package for PCI-bus ARTIC communication cards inside servers and workstations. qX25 is an X.25 development toolkit that enables users to create a custom solution for their particular communication requirements. Each ARTIC card has its own on-board processor and is a dedicated programmable communication computer residing within the host system. Three PCI-bus ARTIC cards are offered, ARTIC186 8-Port PCI Adapter, ARTIC186 Model II ISA/PCI Adapter and ARTIC186 X.25 ISA/PCI Adapter.

Contact: Quadron Corporation, 209 East Victoria Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101, 805-966-6424, info@quadron.com, http://www.quadron.com/.

E-Disk SCW35

A hot swappable solid-state storage solution, the E-Disk SCW35, has been released by BiTMICRO NETWORKS. The E-Disk is designed for solid-state disk storage with optimum performance, reliability and uptime. It can be inserted and removed from a server, RAID system or JBOD environment without powering down. The SCW35 is a drop-in replacement for any standard single-ended SCSI 3.5-inch hard drive, dlash disk or solid-state disk drive with an 80-pin SCA-2 connector.

Contact: BiTMICRO NETWORKS, Inc., 5550 Northport Loop East, Fremont, California 94538-6481, 510-74E-Disk, info@bitmicro.com, http://www.bitmicro.com/.

XPloy 2.0

XPloy 2.0, an e-business systems management tool from Trustix AS, is now available for secure and remote management of server resources from a single point. Updates from the previous version include the ability to load only the modules in use into the running environment, a load-balancing module and a systems operations monitor. XPloy 2.0 is a subscription service and rates are $39 per month, per server, based on a 3-year subscription.

Contact: Trustix AS, PO Box 1245 Leiv Eiriksson Senter, N-7462 Trondheim, Norway, +47-73-54-50-54, http://www.trustix.com/.

Communicado Fax

Communicado is a fax suite that combines application-based print-to-fax from multiplatform clients with a multiline server platform, allowing any platform to fax from any application. Features include: broad hardware and application compatibility; built-in address books, fax viewer with thumbnails and cover pages; and forwarding, reporting and accounting capabilities. There is also support for multiple inbound and outbound lines.

Contact: Merlin Software Technologies International, Inc., Suite 200 - 4199 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5G 3Y6, 877-988-7227 (toll-free), info@merlinsoftech.com; http://www.merlinsoftech.com/.

Interchange 4.6

Interchange 4.6 is a software suite for managing e-commerce sites that is customizable for individual customer's requirements. Interchange is geared for medium-sized businesses and offers intuitive content management functionality. Interchanges software covers product presentation, merchandising, transaction management, reporting, customer management, backend integration and system administration. Interchange 4.6 is combination of the popular Tallyman and Minivend software packages. Demonstrations and product tours are available on the web site.

Contact: Akopia, Inc., 11480 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 200 East Reston, VA 20190, 703-456-2900, info@akopia.com, http://www.akopia.com/.

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