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New Products

Heather Mead

Issue #96, April 2002

New Products

1000 Series ATM Cards

ImageStream Internet Solutions is shipping its new 1000 series ATM network adaptors, including DS3/E3 and OC3 cards in PCI and PMC formats. The new cards are designed to work as components in routers, servers and test equipment. The 1000 series ATM adaptors are 32-bit PCI 2.1-compliant cards that feature ATM segmentation and reassembly to optimize PCI bus performance with small packets. The PCI and PMC format cards include the 1001-DE, a dual-function DS3/E3 card and the 1001-O3M and 1001-O3S, which are OC3 cards for multimode and single-mode applications.

Contact ImageStream, Inc., 7900 East 8th Road, Plymouth, Indiana 46563, 800-813-5123 (toll-free), info@imagestream.com, www.imagestream.com.

eclipse.org C/C++ IDE

eclipse.org has made an open-source C and C++ integrated development environment (IDE) available for the eclipse platform on Linux workstations. The C/C++ IDE for the eclipse platform includes a GUI-based source code editor, an integrated debugger and the ability to access a command-line interface for forming advanced debugger requests. It joins existing Java support on the eclipse platform, an open-source environment for creating, integrating and deploying application development tools across a broad range of technologies. The C/C++ IDE is available for download from the web site.

Contact www.eclipse.org.

NIC Express 1.0

NIC Express 1.0 is a hardware and vendor-neutral trunking solution for load balancing network traffic across two or more network connections, thereby increasing throughput and fault tolerance. NIC Express also increases fault tolerance by searching the network in addition to the server. It locates both physical and logical faults and reroutes traffic, eliminating single points of failure between any two endpoints on the network. Version 2.4 and higher of the kernel are supported, and the NIC Express works with any 10/100/1000 Ethernet NIC and any layer 2/3/4 switch.

Contact IP Metrics Software, Inc., 416 North Main Street, Suite #231, Euless, Texas 76039, 877-358-1007 (toll-free), sales@ipmetrics.com, www.ipmetrics.com.

Geodesic Suite

The Geodesic Suite contains analyzers, debuggers and diagnostic tools for application development, testing and deployment. Included in the suite are Great Circle, a development debugging environment that operates via a web browser; Geodesic Runtime Solutions, which integrate into deployed applications to diagnose and resolve server-based problems at runtime without interruption; and Geodesic Analyzer, which installs at runtime and reports performance bottlenecks and reliability risks. Support is provided for 64-bit Itanium processors and 32-bit Pentium processors.

Contact Geodesic Systems, 414 North Orleans, Suite 410, Chicago, Illinois 60610, 800-360-8388 (toll-free), sales@geodesic.com, www.geodesic.com.

Ch 2.1

Ch 2.1, a C/C++ interpreter for scripting that is free for academic and nonprofit use, is now available from SoftIntegration. A superset of C with C++ classes, Ch 2.1 supports C90, major features of C99, POSIX, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC, XML and GTK+. It also offers support for generic mathematical functions, computational arrays and advanced numerical functions for linear systems. Geared toward rapid application development, Ch can be used for cross-platform shell programming for regression testing, system administration, automating tasks, real-time interactive computing, rapid prototyping and 2-D/3-D plotting.

Contact SoftIntegration, Inc., 216 F Street, #68, Davis, California 95616, 530-297-7398, sales@softintegration.com, www.softintegration.com.

Red Hat Network Workgroup

Red Hat announced enterprise-level offerings for its Red Hat Network Services, under the Workgroup heading. The new Workgroup features and services include system grouping, allowing administrators to group workload-focused systems together for management purposes; multiple administrators, so that rights to specific systems can be spread across large organizations; and system set managers, allowing actions to be applied to sets of systems instead of single systems. In addition, the Workgroup Service subscription allows access to the network proxy server and the network satellite.

Contact Red Hat, Inc., PO Box 13588, RTP, North Carolina 27709, 888-733-4281 (toll-free), www.redhat.com.

Compaq ProLiant BL e-Class

The ProLiant BL e-Class, developed by Compaq, is an ultra-dense server blade architecture engineered for enterprise-level systems, enabling 280 servers to fit into a standard 42U rack. Designed for efficiency in corporate data centers and xSP environments, the BL10e consists of one Intel ultra-low voltage Pentium III processor, up to 1GB of ECC memory, 30GB of disk storage and two 10/100 Ethernet connections. The 3U chassis supports redundant hot-plug power and cooling, network connections and embedded technology that allows customers to manage Windows 2000 and Linux OSes within the same enclosure.

Contact Compaq Computer Corporation, PO Box 692000, Houston, Texas 77269, 800-282-6672 (toll-free), www.compaq.com.

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