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Heather Mead

Issue #103, November 2002

CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office Server Edition, Qt 3.1, MontaVista Linux Free Preview Kit and more.

CrossOver Office Server Edition

CodeWeavers announced the release of CrossOver Office Server Edition Version 1.2. The Server Edition allows users to operate Microsoft Windows software, including Office, Internet Explorer, Lotus Notes and Quicken, in a distributed, thin-client environment for both Linux and Solaris. Aimed at helping to standardize desktops on a single system, Server Edition can support hundreds of concurrent users on a single server.

Contact CodeWeavers, Inc., 2550 University Avenue West, Suite 439S, St. Paul, Minnesota 55114, www.codeweavers.com.

Qt 3.1

Qt 3.1 is the newest version of the C++ application framework for multiplatform development, enabling developers to write a single source tree that runs natively on various platforms. Among the additions to version 3.1 is ActiveQt, a framework that allows developers to use Qt to create ActiveX controls and to use Qt applications as ActiveX servers. Qt 3.1 also has new facilities for Motif integration, which lets developers gradually insert Qt-based code into existing Motif applications. Other additions include an improved property editor for the Qt Designer layout tool that can operate on multiple widgets simultaneously, improved multithreading and increased class library assistance.

Contact Trolltech Inc., 3350 Scott Boulevard, Building 55, Suite 2, Santa Clara, California 95054, 408-567-0212, www.trolltech.com.

MontaVista Linux Free Preview Kit

MontaVista is offering a free preview kit that allows embedded application developers to test drive MontaVista Linux Professional Edition Version 2.1. The preview kit is designed to use the same network-based development environment as the Professional Edition and includes the DHCP, NFS and TFTP components. A full MontaVista Linux kernel that can run on 11 processors from six families is included. With the kit, developers can explore the application building and debugging processes, as well as test real-time and networking capabilities of the Pro Edition. The kit can be downloaded from www.mvista.com/previewkit/index.html.

Contact MontaVista Software, 1237 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94085, 408-328-9200, www.mvista.com.

3ware Serial ATA Controller

A family of serial ATA RAID controllers that support open-source drivers and management tools for Red Hat and SuSE is now available from 3ware. The Escalade 8500 series offers terabytes of storage, provides point-to-point communication and delivers full bandwidth to each connected drive. The switched fabric design allows the controller to access all drives simultaneously. Escalade RAID controllers support four, eight or 12 drives, with the 12-drive controller storing up to two terabytes of data.

Contact 3ware, Inc., 701 East Middlefield Road, Suite 300, Mountain View, California 94043, 877-883-9273 (toll-free), www.3ware.com.

Acronis System Utilities

Acronis software announced new versions of three system utilities that operate in either automatic or manual mode, accommodating various user levels. TrueImage 6.0 is a disk-imaging application that allows users to restore all the original settings and data on a system in case of loss. MigrateEasy 6.0 is a dedicated migration tool for hard disk drive to hard disk drive migration. OS Selector 8.0 is a multiboot utility that enables multiple OSes to run on a PC, repartitioning and reorganizing hard disks as needed. All three utilities offer support for the ext3 and Reiser filesystems.

Contact Acronis, 395 Oyster Point Boulevard, Suite 213, San Francisco, California 94080, 888-380-3736 (toll-free), www.acronis.com.

Mobius Axon Wireless System

The Mobius Axon Wireless System from Symbol Technologies is a wireless networking switch and access port system designed to support 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g and legacy 802.11 frequency hopping technologies. The 1U rackmountable Mobius Axon Switch manages and delivers wireless traffic through the Mobius Access Ports with application-specific security, including encryption, authentication and virtual LAN (VLAN) technology. The Access Ports can be attached to a desktop, wall or above ceiling tiles. The underlying Linux RTOS will allow third parties to add Bluetooth and GPRS access ports when applications become available.

Contact Symbol Technologies, One Symbol Plaza, Holtsville, New York 11742, 800-722-6234 (toll-free), www.symbol.com.

Argus/PMC Graphics Board

Peritek's new dual-channel PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) graphics board, the Argus/PMC, supports multiple monitors and dual digital/analog video input channels. The board also supplies an onboard USB 2.0 hub. The high-resolution controller supports independent 2-D, 3-D, OpenGL and DirectX-compatible displays in various OS environments. Each dual-display channel has a Borealis 128-bit graphics controller, and the USB hub supports data rates in excess of 400Mb/s on two channels. Other key features of the Argus/PMC include an onboard 66MHz, 32-bit PCI interface, 16MB SGRAM for each controller, VGA and FCode BIOS support on Channel A, PCI and CompactPCI carriers and dual multi-input audio/video digitizers.

Contact Peritek Corporation, 9975 Business Park Avenue, Suite A, San Diego, California 92131, 800-281-4567 (toll-free), www.peritek.com.

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