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Heather Mead

Issue #106, February 2003

ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.0, ProStore Backup Appliance, Zaurus SL-5600 and more.

ACCPAC Advantage Series 5.0

ACCPAC Advantage Series Enterprise Edition 5.0 is a multitiered, web-based business management system that provides access to your entire accounting system using either a browser or the ACCPAC desktop. Enterprise Edition includes the following functions: system manager, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, order entry, purchase orders and US and Canadian payroll. The general ledger consolidations and intercompany transactions modules also are available. Enterprise edition provides multicurrency and multilingual support; supports unlimited users; and offers compatibility with Oracle, IBM DB2 and Pervasive database compatibility.

Contact ACCPAC, 6700 Koll Center Parkway, Third Floor, Pleasanton, California 94566, 925-461-2625, www.accpac.com.

ProStore Backup Appliance

ProMicro and Avail Solutions have partnered on the ProStore Backup Appliance, which provides data storage, backup and recovery capabilities. The ProStore appliance is a combination of ProMicro's ProStore NAS server and Avail's Integrity backup software and automated tape library. ProStore comes with 360GB of storage capacity, Intel processors, 10/100 Ethernet ports, three PCI slots and up to six IDE drive bays in a compact 2U form factor. The integrated eight-cartridge tape library transfers up to 640GB of compressed data at 6MB/s. All parameters are user-programmable.

Contact ProMicro Solutions, 12635 Danielson Court #203, Poway, California 92064, 866-776-6427, www.promicro.com; Avail Solutions, 2430 Vineyard Avenue, Suite 205, Escondido, California 92029, 760-743-7200, www.availsolutions.com.

Zaurus SL-5600

The latest addition to Sharp's Zaurus PDA family is the SL-5600, a business and wireless-capable PDA for enterprise users. The 5600 has a high-resolution, color-reflective QVGA LCD screen, a QWERTY keyboard, 64MB of protected Flash memory, 32MB of SDRAM, dual expansion with CompactFlash, SD/MMC card slots and an integrated speaker and microphone. The Qtopia-based PDA also features an Intel XScale 400MHz processor with a 100MHz memory interface. A virtual mobile hard drive is also built in to the SL-5600, protecting data, applications and files in Flash memory. The new Zaurus includes drivers for 802.11b wireless LAN adapters, CDPD wireless modems and 10/100 Ethernet cards.

Contact Sharp Zaurus, 201-529-9459, www.myzaurus.com and www.sharpusa.com.

SCO Linux 4.0

In its first release since dropping the Caldera name, the SCO Group announced the availability of SCO Linux 4.0. SCO Linux 4.0 is based on UnitedLinux 1.0, designed for mission-critical business applications. SCO Linux also comes with software, support and services available through more than 16,000 resellers for small- to medium-sized businesses and replicated branch sites. Four editions of SCO Linux 4.0 are available—Base, Classic, Business and Enterprise—each coming with a one-year support plan.

Contact The SCO Group, 355 South 520 West, Suite 100, Lindon, Utah 84042, 801-765-4999, www.sco.com.

Cubix BladeStation

The BladeStation from Cubix Corporation is a dual-Pentium 4 Xeon blade server with up to four PCI-X/PCI slots per blade. BladeStation also has a 533MHz front-side bus and supports up to four SCSI drives within each blade. Up to seven dual-Xeon blades can be housed in a 6U rack, using only 21 inches of rack depth. Each blade features one full-length 64-bit 133/100MHz PCI-X extension slot, up to 8GB of DDR RAM, a 1GB Ethernet port and two 10/100 Ethernet ports. The PowerStation power supply array provides redundant n+1 power.

Contact Cubix Corporation, 2800 Lockheed Way, Carson City, Nevada 89706, 800-829-0550 (toll-free), www.cubix.com.

Frequency Clock: Free Media System

The Frequency Clock: Free Media System is an open-source software system for managing streaming audio and video channels. Users can organize their streaming-media files into dynamic channels that can then be played back using the web-based streaming-media player. Created by Radioqualia, the key features of the Free Media System include a customized streaming media player that can handle different file types, searchable archives and real-time statistical analysis. All streaming media file types, including Windows Media, Real and QuickTime, can be played in a single player, the Frequency Clock Player. In addition, users can customize the Player to fit their design needs rather than fitting the design to the needs of a specific player.

Contact The Frequency Clock, radioqualia@va.com.au, radioqualia.va.com.au/freqclock/central.html.

Dell 1655MC

The 1655MC is Dell's latest entry in the blade server market and has the equivalent of six two-way 1U servers in a 3U blade enclosure. The 1655MC, which looks like a thick blade in a box, supports one or two 1.266GHz Pentium III processors, up to 2GB of SDRAM and one or two Ultra 320 SCSI drives. The chipset is a ServerWorks ServerSet LE30, and the 1655MC also has two integrated Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and a USB port. Dell's chassis, which accommodates six 1655MCs, has two hot-plug power supplies for 1+1 redundancy. It includes a built-in KVM switch, plus either one or two managed Ethernet switches. The 1655MC is available with Red Hat 7.3, 8.0 or Advanced Server.

Contact Dell Computer Corporation, One Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas 78682, 800-915-3355 (toll-free), www.dell.com.

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