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Resources for “Reading File Metadata with extract and libextractor”

Christian Grothoff

Issue #134, June 2005

Resources for the print article.

libextractor: gnunet.org/libextractor

getID3: getid3.sf.net

Evidence File Manager: evidence.sf.net

GNUnet: a framework for secure peer-to-peer networking: ovmj.org/GNUnet

Wotsit's Format: file format information on hundreds of different file type: www.wotsit.org

Metadata terms maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative: dublincore.org/documents/dcmi-terms

BibTeX: dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Typesetting/TeX/BibTeX

Enlightenment: enlightenment.org

A Quick Introduction to Bloom Filters: ovmj.org/GNUnet/download/bloomfilter.ps

extractor.h: ovmj.org/libextractor/doxygen/html/extractor_8h-source.html

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