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AdaCore's GNAT Pro for Wind River Linux

The slickest thing about the GNAT Pro 7.1 Ada development environment for Wind River Linux is the ability to use AdaCore and Wind River products together to develop applications that freely combine modules in Ada, C and C++. Wind River Linux is a leading commercial-grade Linux solution for embedded device development. In addition, developers can manipulate and analyze Ada applications via Wind River's Linux browser and tools. This new implementation of GNAT Pro supports all versions of Ada and is tightly integrated into the Wind River Workbench development environment. AdaCore says that the new GNAT Pro solution brings the Ada development community everything it needs to build and support highly differentiated solutions and deploy them on an industry-leading commercial-grade Linux solution, based on the Yocto Project open-source development infrastructure. GNAT Pro for Wind River Linux includes support for the Wind River Linux 4.3 platform, the PowerPC and Power PC e500v2 target platforms, and the Linux host.


Symantec's Data Insight

The rapid growth of unstructured data and the lack of control of “dark data” means many data centers are stocking petabytes of information but not using it as a business asset. Symantec's solution to help organizations better understand their unstructured data is Data Insight, which has been upgraded to version 4.0. Symantec notes how unstructured data—about which many organizations have minimal awareness—not only results in high storage costs but also presents the potential for compliance infractions and higher organizational risks. New enhancements to Data Insight 4.0 will allow users to identify and fix problems in a single tool, create information-rich reports, mitigate organizational and data security risks and implement effective information lifecycle management.


Sealevel Systems' 7202e

Sealevel Systems, provider of industrial computing, communications and I/O solutions, announced the release of the 7202e, a low-profile two-port RS-232 PCI Express serial interface adapter with advanced UART architecture. For maximum compatibility with a wide range of serial peripherals, the board supports all RS-232 modem control signals, making it a perfect solution for interfacing instrumentation, bar-code readers and other data acquisition/control devices. The 7202e's high-performance 16C950 UART includes 128-byte FIFOs for error-free operation in high-speed serial applications. All Sealevel PCI Express serial adapters include SeaCOM software for Linux and Windows, as well as WinSSD, a full-featured application for testing and diagnostics.


Prateek Mehta's Learn OpenGL ES (Apress)

If you are new to game development on mobile platforms, chances are that Prateek Mehta's Learn OpenGL ES: For Mobile Game and Graphics Development will help you build sophisticated, graphically rich game apps. Many of today's sophisticated game and graphics-intense apps rely on the language and rendering engine OpenGL ES. Whether you're an Android or iOS app developer, this book is for you. This book ramps up its readers with the primary skills of the new OpenGL ES 3.0 and gets them quickly into game app development without intense study of object-oriented programming techniques. This book also demonstrates the use of the Blender modeling software. Advanced topics include collision detection, player-room-obstacle classes and storage classes, as well as how to apply learned techniques in the context of the limited resources and processing capacity on mobile devices.


Michael Graves' Digital Archaeology (Addison-Wesley Professional)

Publisher Addison-Wesley Professional markets Michael Graves' new book Digital Archaeology as “the definitive, up-to-date guide to digital forensics”. The rapid proliferation of cyber crime is increasing the demand for digital forensics experts in both law enforcement and in the private sector. In Digital Archaeology, expert practitioner Michael Graves has written a thorough, realistic guide to the principles and techniques of modern digital forensics. After providing the legal issues surrounding computer forensics, Graves explains how to investigate computer systems systematically and thoroughly to unearth crimes or other misbehavior, and back it up with evidence that will stand up in court. Drawing on the analogy of archaeological research, Graves explains each key tool and method investigators use to uncover hidden information reliably in digital systems. Graves concludes with coverage of important professional and business issues associated with building a career in digital forensics, including licensing and certification requirements.


SUSE Linux Enterprise

The hallmarks of the new SUSE Linux Enterprise Service Pack 3 are greater scalability and security, not to mention additional industry-standard hardware support and open-source features and enhancements. SUSE calls SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 “the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing—across physical, virtual and cloud environments”. The service pack includes all patches and updates released since the introduction of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 in 2009. SUSE adds that Service Pack 3 is an excellent scale-up choice to migrate resource-intensive workloads that run on RISC/UNIX systems or for virtualized workloads on the latest AMD Opteron 4000 and 6000 Series Platforms. Also included are support for and improvements in virtualization and power savings for the latest Intel Xeon E5 processor family and the fourth-generation Intel Core processor). Service Pack 3 supports large systems with up to 4096 logical CPUs and 16TiB of system memory.


Opengear IM7200

Bullet-proof and future-proof are two adjectives that Opengear uses to describe its new IM7200 infrastructure management solution. The state-of-the-art device streamlines remote management of network, server and power infrastructure in data-center and remote environments, ensuring efficient and secure access, monitoring and control for local and remote operations teams. Opengear points out how data centers, colocation facilities and network exchange points host a wide array of critical network, power and server infrastructure from multiple vendors. The scope and complexity of managing these environments securely and efficiently continues to grow with faster physical media and more rigorous security protocols. The Opengear IM7200 is a solution built to manage all rack infrastructure, even during network downtime. Built for high-performance remote management, the solution offers true out-of-band infrastructure management and proactive monitoring while integrating with existing tools and workflow.


Anyware Service's Ametys CMS

Version 3.5 is the current milestone for Ametys CMS, a Java-based, open-source multipurpose Web factory that can run corporate Web sites, blogs, portals and corporate wikis on the same server. Ametys CMS's other strength, says its producer, lies in its uncommonly intuitive look and feel among open-source CMSes, which is analogous to Microsoft Office applications. Noteworthy new features in version 3.5 include expanded content sharing between different sites, a common resources function, improved user accounts features and a plugin for YouTube playlists and several back-office tweaks.


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