The 2009 Open Source Horoscope

Star Gazing

We gazed into the heavens of cyberspace for the first Open Source horoscope back in our 50th issue. We thought the occasion of our 100th issue would be a good time to visit the stars once again.

By Carsten Schnober; Illustrations by J.D. "Illiad" Frazer

Argus, Fotolia

January 22 - February 19

Career: You continue to enjoy the success of recent years. There seems no end to the upward trend. Of course, the road to the top will keep getting steeper.

Health: Don't forget to take care of yourself. Although you seem immune to major problems right now, minor irritations can sometimes disillusion potential companions.

Love & Friendship: Thanks to your well-known openness, you enjoy life to the full and even seem to solve old rivalries in an easygoing way. But always remember who you can trust!

February 20 - March 20

Career: In many situations, you don't make things very easy for yourself and others. Your foresighted approach is respectable, but a sense of proportion in what you ask for might be advisable.

Health: Sickness is not even part of your vocabulary: in fact, you have only consulted the doctor twice in your whole life. Keep up the good work!

Love & Friendship: Your circle of friends is small but staunch. You are happy to have them, but more variety might give you a new perspective.

March 21 - April 20

Career: Your wealth of experience gains you the respect of your professional colleagues. But don't forget that success would hardly have been possible without your staff, and at the same time, make sure nobody steals your laurels while you're resting on them.

Health: You just have to accept that you are getting on. Your élan keeps you fit, but be aware of your natural limits.

Love & Friendship: To avoid spoiling your fulfilling relationship with the penguin, you should be willing to compromise.

April 21 - May 21

Career: Your strength lies in networking. When bringing together the needs of many, there is no alternative to your competence.

Health: Despite constant exertion, you are fit as a fiddle. You benefit from your sensible lifestyle.

Love & Friendship: Even if you don't win the popularity contest, you have every right to be proud of your place in the world. Your social competence makes you an easy party guest. Many appreciate your virtues, but you are rarely the focus of attention.

May 22 - June 21

Career: You have offended many younger colleagues with your arrogant demeanor. With your extensive knowledge, you could achieve far more if you just drop your schoolmarmish airs.

Health: Try to react less emotionally to pressure. More aplomb is the only thing that will keep you healthy.

Love & Friendship: You have become slightly more open, and this is a positive step that has done you good, but it is still just the beginning. If you continue to walk down this path, a whole realm of new opportunities will lie at your feet.

June 22 - July 22

Career: Although you still haven't made the big time, don't give up! You have abilities that some of your colleagues can hardly dream of, and if you continue to work on them, nothing can go wrong.

Health: A robust immune system is something you have always had. Make sure things stay that way!

Love & Friendship: You are frequently overshadowed by others with better connections, but your friends really appreciate you. Although they may not express their fondness as often as you would like, you can still rely on them.

July 23 - August 23

Career: Competitive thinking and over-ambition have reduced your success in the past. A new move to cooperate with old rivals could prove profitable in the near future.

Health: Try to live simply. You have been sick more often than not in recent months, and this is a side effect of being too ambitious, but you seem to be making a full recovery now.

Love & Friendship: It looks as if your long-term partner is in a re-orientation phase. Don't let this unsettle you: your faithfulness will be rewarded.

August 24 - September 23

Career: Hard work has helped you move up the career ladder. There is very little competition in your field, and if you push now, you will make it to the top.

Health: You have left your health problems behind you. Your new lifestyle helps you keep fit.

Love & Friendship: Your ability to facilitate conversation makes you a party favorite. You get on with everybody. Your flexibility gives you the power to maintain friendships despite major changes. Partnership-wise, a recent new start has done you good.

September 24 - October 23

Career: Your success makes others envious. But don't let that unsettle you; just carry on like you have been doing. New colleagues are bound to appreciate your competence.

Health: You cope well with a difficult environment. Recently, you have been troubled by minor, age-related niggles; but this is just a consequence of your lifestyle.

Love & Friendship: You have become the role model for your whole family. Your siblings accept their increasing distance from you, but make sure you don't completely lose track of them.

October 24 - November 22

Career: You came from nowhere, but your good connections have helped you. Others view this development with distrust. Good work alone will not help. Always remember to deal with your colleagues in an open and honest way, and keep in mind that your activities are viewed with some suspicion by your friends.

Health: Some of the major health issues you suffered from in the past are not fully cured. There is no such thing as a panacea, so make sure you don't infect others.

Love & Friendship: Your partner has been faithful to you thanks to your many attractive traits. Their blind faith makes them vulnerable; don't exploit this!

November 23 - December 21

Career: You have never relied on quick wins; don't change your style. Your supporters appreciate your work, and this is often far more valuable than a rapid rise to fame.

Health: There is no need to worry about your health. It seems that viruses aren't even interested in you.

Love & Friendship: You feel lonely, but don't put the blame on others. You have been cooped up for far too long, and this has prevented others from recognizing your appealing qualities.

December 22 - Jan 20

Career: Your work is not widely appreciated in your sphere of influence. But despite many attempts, nobody can actually do without you.

Health: You always seem to be healthy when others feel ill. Despite all the efforts to eradicate you, there are no genuine threats to your health.

Love & Friendship: You're a loner. But even though many feel you are a pest, they are too busy with their own deadlines to threaten your livelihood. You feel most comfortable in the company of other bugs.