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Issue #10, February 1995

HaL Announces Ishmail for Linux, MetaCard, Version 1.4 and more.

HaL Announces Ishmail for Linux

HaL Software Systems has announced the availability of Ishmail (Information SuperHighway Mail), a multi-media electronic mail tool for Unix systems. Ishmail features a Motif graphical user interface and extensive support for MIME (the Internet standard for multi-media mail). Extensive on-line help, including a user's guide which can be viewed on-line on the World Wide Web (www.hal.com/products/sw), combined with an industry-standard user interface, make this product very easy to learn and to use. Ishmail is available on a variety of Unix platforms, including Linux, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, DEC OSF/1 and Novell UnixWare. Compatibility with the most common Unix mail-folder formats ensures easy transition for new users and coexistence with other e-mail programs.

In addition to on-line documentation, Ishmail utilizes the Internet for distribution and technical support. The product can be down-loaded from HaL's ftp server (ftp.halsoft.com) with a 30-day free, no-obligation evaluation license. If the product is purchased, a permanent license is delivered by e-mail. A single-user license is $99. Multi-user discounts, educational discounts and site licenses are also available. For more information, contact Tom Lang, Hal Software Systems, 3006A Longhorn Blvd., Austin, TX 78758; phone (512) 834-9962 or (800) 762-0253; e-mail to info@halsoft.com.

MetaCard 1.4 Released

MetaCard Corporation has released MetaCard, Version 1.4, a multimedia development environment capable of playing QuickTime, AVI, FLI and FLC format movies and importing HyperCard 2.2 stacks. It is available in an embedded version as well as a normal development environment. The Linux version is available at a special price of $195; the normal price is $495 for a single-user.

For more information, contact Scott Raney, MetaCard Corporation, 4710 Shoup Pl., Boulder, CO 80303; phone (303) 447-3936; e-mail to raney@metacard.com.

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